Toast & Jam

by Zoë Noble

Last week couldn’t have been busier with Berlin Fashion Week, Bread & Butter, Rollin Restaurant and an amazing night in Berghain all squished into seven short days. As if that wasn’t enough for my weary feet, I also managed a trip to Berlin’s Vintage Fashion Fair, Toast & Jam. Although a little on the small side for the €4 entry fee, it was like stepping into an Aladdin’s cave of treasure. A mix of decades offered something for everyone, and stalls were well laid out with quality hand-picked wears. Perfect for the bargain hunter who prefers carefully edited selections to flea market free-for-alls!

Rollin Restaurant

by James Glazebrook

We love Rollin Restaurant, but the name of this Berlin supper club makes us want to holler Limp Bizkit lyrics. “CHOCOLATE STARFISH MOTHERFUCKAZZZZZZ!!!!” Um… Anyway, the meal that kicked off our weekend didn’t contain any sea creatures, chocolate or otherwise, but rather four carefully constructed courses based on the theme “Wild at Heart”. Twenty lucky applicants and their guests enjoyed a delicious meal of chestnut cappuccino, baby elk carpaccio and deer fillet steak, followed by toffee cake, pear and mousse. We’re no foodies, so we’ll leave the in-depth analysis to Borris Berlintourist – let’s just say that the meal ommed all our noms.

Friendly table companions who forced us to speak German, charming hosts who are also gifted chefs and the smart surroundings of The Naked Lunch in Mitte, made this a night to remember. Rollin Restaurant is so popular that we only made it in on our third attempt, and it more than lived up to our pent-up expectations. Watch their Facebook Page for event announcements, and be ready to pounce to secure a much sought-after place at their table.