Music Montag: Big Stu

by James Glazebrook

Big StuWe stumbled across Big Stu when @awesomedonald from The Bird posted this video to Twitter, a rap tribute to the legendary Hühnerhaus at Görlitzer Park. Hip Huhn Hooray!

I got in touch with Stu, currently waiting out winter in balmy… er, Dublin, and he was kind enough to share his inspiring rags-to-shellsuit story:

Having moved to Berlin in the summer of 2007 to pursue a career in finance (yes, finance), Stu quickly realised that this path was not for him and so after a year, he quit and started to pursue the bohemian Berlin dream. He was drifting along nicely, taking up whatever work he could find, when one day a friend took him to a roadside chicken shack called the Hühnerhaus. He got half a chicken. He fell in love with the chicken. He put this love into rhyme which became song, which became and award winning video and since then the newly christened ‘Big Stu’ has never looked back. Now he already has 30 videos to his name and 2012 he feels is the year he’s ready to step it up a gear. Thus, it is no lie or exaggeration to say that fried chicken gives life to dreams.

Having watched most of those 30 videos, I can recommend two more Berlin-themed bangers: The Turkish Market, about the twice-weekly veg market along the Landwehrkanal, and the even more self-explanatory Kottbusser Tor. For rhyming recipes like Ghetto Lasagne and Whitney’s Pesto, check out Stu’s Tumblr, The Rapping Cook. In the meantime, enjoy some more hilarious Berlin bombz!