Workshop: Introduction to InDesign

by James Glazebrook

We are no longer running these workshops! If you’re interested in learning Adobe software, reach out to our teacher Ray Mann, who may be able to give you some one-on-one tuition.


If you’re involved in laying out content for print, web or mobile, there’s a good chance you need some basic InDesign skills. Join us for a focused workshop series in which you will learn the fundamentals of managing type and vector graphics, and the groundwork for creating and laying out single- and multiple-page documents.

Ideal for beginners and anyone who manages creatives, we start with the basics, explaining the technical aspects of the software, and introducing design practices and principles to guide professional and artistic work. Please bring your own computer with InDesign software already installed. You can download a free trial version here.

About the teacher: Ray Wassef is a Berlin-based designer who has taught Visual Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, from which he graduated with First Class Honours. Since 2003, Ray has lectured and tutored in subjects including typography, motion graphics, Abode Creative Suite, WordPress and sequence & narrative.

About the course: InDesign 101 is taught in four 2 hour sessions, which we’ve broken down into two parts. You can sign up for both parts – and get a discount – or pick whichever part is most relevant to your needs.

Part 1: two Tuesdays at 7-9pm – May 5th and 12th
You’ll learn: about document setup (including margins and columns, and working with pages palette), character and paragraph tools (with a crash course in typographic theory), and placing and editing images.
You’ll pay: €60 (plus VAT)

Part 2: two Tuesdays at 7-9pm – May 19th and 26th
You’ll learn: about multiple-page layout management, including swatches, paragraph styles, character styles, and master pages.
You’ll pay: €60 (plus VAT)

The full course: four Tuesdays at 7-9pm – May 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th
You’ll learn: everything outlined above!
You’ll pay: €120 €100 (plus VAT)

We have a total of 8 places on this course, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested. To register, drop us an email at contact at uberlin dot co.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Who let the dogs out? At Grünewaldsee…

by Zoë Noble

Last week was our 13 year anniversary (eeek!), so to celebrate we packed up Olive and her friend Edna, and headed to Grünewaldsee for the day. We’ve been there a few times and the Hundestrand is one of our favourite places to go in Berlin. You can let the dogs off the leash so they can frolic with their furry friends while you chill and eat guacamole like a boss. Below are a few iPhone snaps of the day – dog pervs, enjoy!