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Preview: Social Media Week Berlin 2012

I’m excited about Social Media Week Berlin (24th – 28th September), for three good reasons: 1) social media is both my job and my private life – and the reason I can’t always tell the difference between the two; 2) this year’s schedule is full of even more awesome than last year’s; 3) oh, and I was one of the Advisory Board responsible for putting it all together. Here are my personal picks of what is shaping up to be a very special week here in Berlin. See you down there!

Oh! You Pretty Things – Win Places on a Berlin Bowie Walk

Did you know that David Bowie once lived in Berlin? And did you know that he also recorded some music while he was here? I learnt these facts, and actual interesting ones too, when I went on Feeling Gloomy Berlin’s Bowie walking tour a couple of months back. And now you have a chance to take a walk in Ziggy Stardust’s platform boots for free, as we’re giving away a pair of places on the Berlin Bowie Walk this Saturday (July 21st).

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

We LOVE sushi, and we’re craving some actual good films after the shit we’ve sat through lately (Matrix 2 and 3… WHY?!). That’s why we’re stoked that Berlin Film Society is showing this feature-length documentary at TASTE Festival: Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Music Montag: David Bowie / Xu Xu Fang

It’s a big year for Bowie, as Dame David has just turned 65 and celebrated the 35th anniversary of the first of his classic Berlin albums, Low. The city is celebrating its favourite adopted son this week with a film screening, walking tour and club night in his honour. Allow us to join in by posting the video for Xu Xu Fang’s cover of “China Girl”, featuring a few of our favourite things – horses, beards, black and white.

Gidsy Gingerbread House

ZoĆ« may have missed her office Christmas party (our Easyjet flight home was somehow snowed in from afar) and I don’t have an office as such, but we still managed to enjoy not one, but two, work dos this weekend. We were among the lucky few to get invites to Soundcloud’s slamming Christmas bash (thanks again Natalie!) and then spent a civilised Saturday drinking vintage cocktails and making a gingerbread house courtesy of Gidsy, Etsy and Airbnb.