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Überstyle: Mauerpark

Überstyle: Mauerpark

Making Friends at Mauerpark

Last weekend I met the wonderful Gabby from Gypsy*Diaries for a fun day of street style papping at Mauerpark. With our mutual love of photography, fashion and Berlin (of course!), we had way too much in common to leave our friendship just in the bloggersphere, and so took the plunge to meet up in person […]

Portrait: Recyclemented

“In Berlin, where there are so many artists, it’s not just about doing something different, but doing something good.” Meet the couple behind the furniture upcycling company Recyclemented.

Lindt Second Hand Berlin

I love that in Berlin there are still so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. You can be walking down a quiet little street and happen upon a Laden so unique, unusual or just downright weird that you wonder why people like us haven’t written about it yet? Well I’m about to do my job and blog the shit out of an awesome little gem I discovered recently, called Lindt Second Hand Berlin.

Berlin Portrait: OY

We think that the best way to discover Berlin is through the eyes of the people who live here. For our Berlin Portrait series, we’re asking artists, musicians and other creative types to introduce us their corner of the city. Here the Swiss musicians behind the project OY take us around Prenzlauer Berg. Introduce yourself! Joy: I’m Joy […]

25 Tourist Tricks to Rediscovering Berlin

Fucking tourists. Look at them – standing there in the bike lane, with a beer in each hand and a gormless grin on their face, oblivious to the bitter Berliners bearing down on them, piston legs powered by resentment and… is that… envy? They may be morons, but they seem so happy, like little children caught […]