Berlin Fashion Week Designers of Tomorrow

by Sarah

“Bauhaus air hostess meets Mad Men meets Lego.”

This was the sentence I scrawled on my notebook to describe the designs of Alexandra Kiesel, this year’s winner of the Berlin Fashion Week Designers of Tomorrow award, hosted by none other than the kilt-donning genius Marc Jacobs.

The building-block primary colours, Bauhaus influence, silk fabrics, pillar-box hats, gargantuan jewellery and sheer individuality of each outfit made Kiesel the obvious choice for inclusion in the competition’s Hall of Fame.

As well as the winner, the other designer who stood out for me was Markus Schmidbauer, a radical, artistic Central Saint Martins graduate. His collection, made from industrial fabrics such as acrylic and dominated by black and silver tones, evoked a Gareth Pugh fantasy with a Berlin twist. One to watch.

This award is a great platform for designers striving to get a foot in the proverbial door of the ever-competitive business of fashion design. Judged by global fashion and art experts, the young hopefuls are merited for their creativity, talent, skill and innovation. Use of colour, texture and textiles play a major part in the final decision. It’s refreshing to see a successful designer such as Jacobs supporting fledgling designers with belief, encouragement and advice as they launch their careers.

As Alexandra Kiesel begins to ride the crest of success, it’s good to know that in a studio somewhere in Germany there’s another focused hopeful, painstakingly stitching together her design for tomorrow.

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