Bread & Butter Summer 2012

by Guest Blogger

We love Bread & Butter Berlin but we’ve been to every BBB event since we moved here (and one before that!)… we figured it was time to get someone else’s impressions of the world’s awesomest fashion tradeshow. So we sent along David Yates, from the excellent expat blog andBerlin, to check out all the action.  

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 polo

When James and Zoë gave me the opportunity to go to The Rock – Bread & Butter Berlin’s Summer 2012 event at Tempelhof Airport – I was delighted. Not only would I get the chance to experience a major fashion event, I would be inside a Berlin landmark that I’ve been meaning to take a tour of for a while now. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 check-in

Walking into the main building I was immediately in awe of the monumental check in area. And walking into the exhibition space I got my first glimpse of the huge array of goods on display.

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 stands

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 tie dye

I’m no fashionista but I’ve always loved clothes and I’ve got a thing for watches and sunglasses so I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 watches

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 sunglasses

My lasting impression of the show was the stallholders’ clever use of merchandising to represent their brands. Tote bags were popular with everyone but there were also key rings, fingerboards, water bottles and one of my personal favourites, Pepe’s mobile phone handsets (as well as their “I’m with Pepe” t-shirts). But the real stand out had to be Tom Tailor’s Polo matches, played on the airport’s apron in a sand arena with an inflatable ball.

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 totes

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 Pepe's phone

And I wonder, will rainbow coloured hair be the next big thing?

Bread & Butter Summer 2012 rainbow