Help make Berlin’s first alternative comedy stage a thing!

by James Glazebrook

Comedy Café Berlin - before

This is exciting! One of the brothers behind the hilarious piffle! podcast is currently turning this old Kneipe into Berlin’s first alternative comedy stage, the unimaginatively-titled Comedy Café Berlin (way to improv, guys). It’s going to be located in the heart of hipster central, on Neukölln’s Weserstraße, and will feature a café and bar alongside a theatre to showcase the stars of Berlin’s up-and-coming international comedy scene. As well as live standup, sketch and improv, this new institution for comedy will host workshops and courses for anyone who wants to polish up their funning skills.

With construction already under way, the team are raising money to pay for important stuff like soundproofing. To help secure the future of this promising project, check out the Comedy Café Berlin Kickstarter, where rewards include the chance to get your name on the Wall of Fame, one of the theatre’s 60 seats, a menu item, or even its toilets (“Name of Thrones”!). When you’re giggling it up in Berlin’s most awesome new nightspot, you can thank your past self for being so generous and, let’s face it, smart. DO IT.

Photo Walk around Friedrichsfelde, Lichtenberg

by Zoë Noble

lichtenberg mural trees friedrichsfelde

Last week, James left his favourite jacket in a rental car which ended up in Friedrichsfelde, so I used its collection as an excuse to explore a bit of Lichtenberg.

The first thing I noticed when Olive and I stepped off at Friedrichsfelde U-bahn was the architecture. Someone seemed to have gone a bit wild in the paint shop and murals were painted all along Am Tierpark. Maybe this was to try and make the huge concrete blocks a little less oppressive, but I couldn’t find any info about these weird and wacky paintings online. So if anyone knows anything about them, give us a shout!

Heading through Lichtenberg the buildings got a little less lurid and more retro looking, but the sheer scale of the blocks was enough to make me feel a little claustrophobic. I’m so used to the four to five storey blocks we have in our Kiez that it felt weird to see high-rises dotted all over.

Whether Lichtenberg will be the next hub for creative folks pushed out of the more expensive Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg, I’m not so sure. I’m sure it has some decent cafes and restaurants popping up, but not enough to draw me to the area anytime soon. Still, great for a photo walk!

lichtenberg trees architecture lichtenberg mural trees friedrichsfelde black and white lichtenberg architecture building lichtenberg architecture building lichtenberg architecture building lichtenberg signs friedrichsfelde crossing lichtenberg signs friedrichsfelde black and white lichtenberg architecture geometric lichtenberg architecture black and white lichtenberg architecture reflection lichtenberg architecture road lichtenberg architecture building lampost lichtenberg mural lichtenberg subway man walking black and white

Who let the dogs out? At Grünewaldsee…

by Zoë Noble

Last week was our 13 year anniversary (eeek!), so to celebrate we packed up Olive and her friend Edna, and headed to Grünewaldsee for the day. We’ve been there a few times and the Hundestrand is one of our favourite places to go in Berlin. You can let the dogs off the leash so they can frolic with their furry friends while you chill and eat guacamole like a boss. Below are a few iPhone snaps of the day – dog pervs, enjoy!










Walking the Berlin Wall

by James Glazebrook

When Context Travel invited us on one of their walking tours, we chose “Walking the Wall”, and then immediately regretted our decision! As tourist attractions go, we’ve always found the Berlin Wall to be a deep disappointment – after all, it’s only steel and concrete, daubed in hippy-dippy murals. And surely, as Berlin residents and bloggers, we already know everything there is to know about this part of the city’s past?

It turns out we needn’t have worried, because our guide Rasmus brought to life the human history of the Cold War era, with anecdotes gathered from unique sources like his older colleagues, stories running from the tragic to the ironic. We were particularly fascinated by the city’s struggle to preserve a lasting legacy while balancing the interests of the people whose properties line the memorial site, and the broader population whose taxes are paying for it. True to the travel company’s name, we got context in spades, and learned a great deal more about the history of the Berlin Wall. Choose a day with guaranteed good weather (if that’s a thing), and book a “Walking the Wall” tour here.

Context Tour Walking the Wall  Pavement

Context Tour Walking the Wall Closeup

Context Tour Walking the Wall Olive

Context Tour Walking the Wall  Decay

Context Tour Walking the Wall  Deceased

Context Tour Walking the Wall White Rose

Context Tour Walking the Wall No Mans Land

Context Tour Walking the Wall  Watch Tower


by Zoë Noble

Berlin is bursting at the seams with amazing abandoned buildings and it’s pretty shocking how few I’ve actually visited. I’ve no idea why, because for a photographer they’re so bloody interesting to shoot. Rotting away and ripe with the stench of history, it’s hard not to feel a bit creeped out walking around them, all the while snapping colourful glass crystals and eye-popping graffiti. Well I got off my arse a few weeks ago and visited a deserted leisure centre called Blub, and it didn’t disappoint. Check out my photos below (plus Danilo’s lovely portrait of yours truly!) and read more about Blub and how to get there on Abandoned Berlin.

Abandoned Berlin Blub 1

Abandoned Berlin Blub 2

Abandoned Berlin Blub 3

Abandoned Berlin Blub 26

Abandoned Berlin Blub 4

Abandoned Berlin Blub 5

Abandoned Berlin Blub 6

Abandoned Berlin Blub 10

Abandoned Berlin Blub 7

Abandoned Berlin Blub 8

Abandoned Berlin Blub 9

Abandoned Berlin Blub 11

Abandoned Berlin Blub 12

Abandoned Berlin Blub 13

Abandoned Berlin Blub 14

Abandoned Berlin Blub 15

Abandoned Berlin Blub 16

Abandoned Berlin Blub 17

Abandoned Berlin Blub 18

Abandoned Berlin Blub 19

Abandoned Berlin Blub 20

Abandoned Berlin Blub 21

Abandoned Berlin Blub 22

Abandoned Berlin Blub 23

Abandoned Berlin Blub 25

Father Carpenter

by James Glazebrook

Father Carpenter Blue Coffee Cups

Berlin is developing a taste for good coffee and Australian-style breakfasts, and an increasing number of great brunch places offering up both. Father Carpenter is one of the newest, and probably the best, certainly in Mitte. Tucked into a hof on the unassuming Münzstrasse, the beautifully-styled café offers quality food and coffee, served by attentive wait staff.

We can recommend the flat white, the smoothest Zoë’s ever had in Berlin, and the avocado smash with poached egg on parmesan, served atop delicious sourdough. More details on the Father Carpenter Facebook page.

Father Carpenter Flowers Interior

Father Carpenter Barista


Father Carpenter Wooden Interior

Father Carpenter Brunch Avocado on Toast


by James Glazebrook

Chutnify Curry Restaurant Berlin

It’s no secret that most Indian food in Berlin, and no doubt the rest of Germany, blows. It seems that most spices imported from the subcontinent are sent straight to Currywurst stands, without so much as wafting over the city’s actual curry houses.  The situation is slowly improving, however, and Berlin has decent tandoori and Sri Lankan places, and now somewhere to get freshly-made dosas.

Chutnify is a colourful and cute little eatery in Prenzlauer Berg’s alarmingly clean Kollwitzkiez. It specialises in the South Indian equivalent of a crêpe, full to bursting with minced lamb, tandoori chicken or vegetarian alternatives, and served with a tantalising selection of chutneys. We recommend trying the mixed platter, which includes the spectacular Mumbai beach snack Bhelpuri and two delicious dosas, asking for everything “Indian hot” and doubling down with the sauce they call “the Chillifier”. If you do go overboard on the spice, you can always cool off with the surprisingly good mango cream, served with marscarpone and fresh basil.

Chutnify may not serve anything as hot as your favourite curry house back home, but it is surely the most authentic taste of India that you’ll get in this fair city of ours. Check it out and see what you think!

Chutnify Curry Restaurant Bottles

Chutnify Curry Restaurant Berlin