by Zoë Noble

Brunch being the most important meal of the day for us, we’ve been on a quest to find the best in Berlin. Thankfully our search may be over after visiting Chipps, a recommendation from our friends at Slow Travel Berlin. The slogan “Serious Eating” raised our expectations, but we both breathed a sigh of relief stepping through the doors a few weeks ago. The place looks and smells like the kitchen of our dreams with shiny sufaces galore, wafts of freshly brewed coffee, homebaked bread and sweet sizzling bacon. The menu doesn’t disappoint, with aptly-named dishes like “Bed Head” (eggs Benedict), “The Perfect Gentleman” (Full English) and “Sugar Daddy” (pancakes with maple syrup), and you can even create your own fantasy breakfast from their “Heaven” and “Hell” section if you want to feel special. We have now vowed to go every weekend until we have tasted everything on the menu so we may be gaining some excess pounds in the next few weeks!

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