by James Glazebrook

We don’t like to go on about ourselves… And if you believe that, it’s only because you’ve been hypnotised by our animated Twitter avatar featuring me, me, me, then Zo, Zo, Zo. Aaaaanyway, we’re currently the featured contributors on Chorus+Echo.

A curated version of the blogosphere, C+E selects content from sites based in major world cities on subjects ranging from style to science to business, and presents it all in one place. As they don’t have a “gobshite” category, we fall under Arts – I guess that’s what you could call our reveal of Peaches Does Herself’s wrongest moments, or comparisons of Berghain with everything from the Crystal Maze to the gay steel mill in The Simpsons. Their list of Berlin experts reads like a Who’s Who of, well, our blogroll, including Slow Travel Berlin, Milk tooth’s rain, Bang Bang Berlin (me again!) and former featured contributer Foodie in Berlin.

Like many of our fellow bloggers, we’re pretty lazy when it comes to tracking down and reading other people’s posts. So even if we weren’t involved in Chorus+Echo, we’d think it was a pretty neato idea. But we are – so consider this both a disclaimer and an honest, heart-felt recommendation. Enjoy!


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