Christmas Come Early

by James Glazebrook

Fuck Christmas Day, I’ve already had my presents! Don’t worry mum – and sorry about the language back there – I haven’t opened the parcels you lovingly airmailed, but rather the designer hamper I WON from Bang Bang Berlin. All I had to do was tell them how I was a “poor but sexy” Berliner (I explained how myself, ZoĆ« and the cats may have to turn tricks to make ends meet, which is sad but unfortunately true) and I nabbed a bag bursting at the seams with upmarket goodies. Zo’s swallowed the bitterness of having her gifts for me prematurely overshadowed and has lovingly laid out my loot below; the highlights have to be a pair of Vans OTWs, Bar 25 DJ Top Trumps and – not pictured – guestlist for Watergate on NYE. Christmas AND New Year sorted? Thanks BBB!


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