by Zoë Noble

I admit that when James and I were weighing up the move from London to Berlin, the fact that we would be leaving one of the greatest shopping destinations in the world made me wobble a bit. Of course I would miss my family and friends but they could always visit me – Selfridges could not. Thankfully though, after living here a month, my concerns about Berlin shopping not being able to compare to London are fading fast. It may not have the sheer quantity and range London has, but it more than makes up for its smaller size by having some great independent boutiques, an emphasis on individuality rather than the UK’s throw-away fashion ideal and generally providing a much nicer shopping experience (I still have nightmares about Oxford Circus at Christmas time!).

A new discovery, which oozes this Berlin mentality, is the vintage store Colours. Selling clothes by the kilo, this warehouse does require much rifling through the rails, but your perseverance will pay off with a gem or two I promise.

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