CREATURES: Mirror Mirror

by James Glazebrook

With so much great music popping off in Berlin, I sometimes struggle to find the words to do justice to it all. Luckily the press blurb that accompanied this video from CREATURES actually (for once) nailed it, with this quote from Wolf Auf Tausend Plateaus:

Luke Troynar (the creator of Creatures) declines to be a singer songwriter. His ambient soundscapes, sweet voice and disarmingly potent lyrics create an enchanting paradox where nothing is as sweet as it sounds… one of Berlin’s most interesting emerging voices.

At the risk of being in total dereliction of my duties as a “journalist”, I’m going to simply point out that if you like the sound of that, you should listen to this: CREATURES’ brooding “Mirror Mirror”. While not quintessential “Berlin music”, I fancy I can hear trace amounts of stale drugs in Troynar’s system as he crawls across the electronic comedown of another lost weekend. Or maybe I’m projecting. Maybe CREATURES is actually the work of another driven, brave, Berlin-based “singer songwriter” whose music is a million miles from the sandle-wearers who spoiled that phrase forever. Whatever it is, I’m into it.

CREATURES play live at English Theatre Berlin this Friday, 16th August – buy tickets from