EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of CRIME’s New Video

by James Glazebrook

CRIME "This Party Blows" by Alexa Vachon

Berlin-based noise punks CRIME have given us an exclusive behind the scenes peek at their new video, and it looks RED HOT. In fact, “This Party Blows”, directed by Tom Ehrhardt, Mika Risiko and Stefan Fähler, is going to be screened as part of the shorts section at the Porn Film Festival Berlin! The video will be released soon, but until then you’ll have to recreate it, by listening to “This Party Blows” (click play below) and, I don’t know, scrolling up and down through Alexa Vachon’s stunning photos, and opening and closing your eyes real quick. Expect to read more about CRIME, the queer DIY duo formed by members of Sissters and Scream Club, because their hollowed-out goth electro is currently shaking the foundations of überlin HQ, like, 25/7. Enjoy.

New music video ‘This Party Blows’ by Berlin band CRIME explores the representation of beauty on and off screen, taking real life social interaction as the source of inspiration. An atmosphere of friction and heightened gestural awareness unfolds in in this intimate portrayal of beauty and boredom

CRIME "This Party Blows" by Alexa Vachon 2

CRIME "This Party Blows" by Alexa Vachon 3

CRIME "This Party Blows" by Alexa Vachon 4