Film Clubs in Berlin

by James Glazebrook

We love films! Back in London, we held cards that allowed us unlimited viewings, and went to the cinema almost every weekend. Of course, our first month of membership was never bettered – we saw The Wrestler, Milk, Changeling and Frost/Nixon back to back – and over the years we saw some truly appalling films, even walking out of Steve Carell’s uncharacteristically bad Dinner for Schmucks… Still, it was fun.

But since we moved to Berlin, we haven’t been inside an actual cinema once. This is partly down to disorganisation, and an avoidance of doing anything we can’t blog about, but mostly because there’s been too much fun stuff to do. However, with winter closing in like a big grey cold thing that closes in on stuff, we’re unlikely to want to go out – and if we do, no further than the square mile around our house. Thankfully a couple of awesome film clubs in Kreuzberg and Neuk√∂lln mean we can combine our loves of socializing and watching movies with our natural laziness:

Movie-club in Merkezi
On Wednesdays, a group of expats gather near Kottbusser Tor to watch a surprise movie in its original form, with English subtitles. We were also surprised to find out that they cook for their guests too, as we happily tucked into some delicious soup. A nasty rumour was spreading that the evening’s entertainment was going to be Human Centipede, a prospect that made me regret my second helping of my second dinner. Luckily the film turned out to be the shocking and singular Cruising with Al Pacino, which we’d never seen before – and loved. Unfortunately we can’t make it this week, but if you can, do. It’s free, although the organisers ask for a small donation to cover costs. Full details on the Facebook Event Page.

Sing Blackbird’s movie nights
The cult and the cute rule at the occasional film nights held at every Neuk√∂llner’s favourite vintage clothes shop/vegan brunch place/caf√©. Over the months we’ve missed Donnie Darko, The Warriors and Kids, but we made it down last week for a classic double bill: The Neverending Story followed by Labyrinth. Between the Georgio Moroder soundtrack of the former, Artax’s death and Bowie’s tighty whiteys, it was almost too much to bear… but we still had a giggle or two. Also free, we’re not sure when the next one is – like Sing Blackbird’s Facebook Page for updates.

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