Hudson’s Cakes

by James Glazebrook

We first heard out about Hudson’s from the lovely Foodie in Berlin, an expat expert in all things culinary, and recent featured contributor on Chorus + Echo. The fact that my first question was “how’s the coffee?” should give you an idea of how much I’ve been longing for a taste of home, but the idea of an authentic British tea shoppe has been appealing more and more. Especially since we moved around the corner from the place! We deliberately avoided the Royal Wedding Breakfast as even the telly showing the wind-down was enough to turn our stomachs, but the churning ended as soon as our cakes arrived. The grapefruit and lavender loaf was more subtle than we expected, and all the better for it, and the “hummingbird” – a pineapple and banana cake with coconut icing – was scrumptious. (For a less-rubbish analysis of their wares, skip over to Foodie.) As for the tea? Well, who cares… but the coffee is good!

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