Impressions of Berlin Art Week 2012

by Guest Blogger

Jessica Holt (@JessFonk) is an American artist-painter, currently living in Amsterdam. She was here for Berlin Art Week, and gathered these impressions for us.

Visiting¬†Berlin Art Week is like being a kid in a candy shop – there’s so much to choose from and only so much time to stuff your face. The only option is to buy the giant rainbow lollipop and taste all the flavours.¬†Between the art fairs Berliner Liste and Preview Berlin, and the many museum and gallery openings, it would be impossible to describe all the highlights – so here are just a few of my favourites. I’m looking¬†forward to the following year… when I will definitely bring a bigger suitcase.

Gabriele Lockstädt at Berliner Liste: Love the juxtaposition of the red against the worn concrete wall.

Jewish Museum Berlin: An area known as ‚ÄúThe Voids‚ÄĚ was filled with metal faces called ‚ÄúShalechet‚ÄĚ (fallen leaves), created by the Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman.

David P. Holland at Berliner Liste: Triptych: Carnal. I had the chance to chat with the artist, who was refreshingly approachable; really sweet, really intense. His work is even more visceral in the flesh.

The MUMA space at Berliner Liste: Two floors of art and where to start?

Lutz Wagner at Preview Berlin: Baby Prayer black. The shadows this created on the wall were hauntingly enticing Рare we only projections of ourselves?

Sophia Daly Rossin at Preview Berlin: Misbehaving Hens. Visually stunning due to level of detail and fine execution. The story behind the work is quite funny, so if you ever get the chance to visit Rossin at N2 Gallery in Barcelona, ask her Рyou’ll definitely get a laugh.

Paul Martin Cambeis at RAR Gallery: Yawning Monkey.

Finally, a glass of wine and an apéritif to relax and absorb all the lovely artwork.

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