Music Montag: Jahcoozi

by James Glazebrook


Jahcoozi are back! And this weekend they’re making a cape out of donated dreadlocks. No, really. Not sure what the cause is, but we’ll support anything that removes dreads from the heads of the crusties that stank up our city. You should check out the installation/concert/commemoration(?) of the erection of the Berlin Wall this Saturday, but for now we’re going to revisit the track that made us fall in love with the Berlin-based booty-bass bpitch act in the first place.

I don’t need to brag about the East End
Got the best of both worlds innit in the end.
Why’s everybody’s chatting bout the LDN?
When we know what’s going off in the BLN

Barefoot Skank presents:
13.08.2011 / Radialsystem / Berlin

Jahcoozi (Konzert + Special Performance) // BPitch Control // Berlin
Robot Koch (live) // Project: Mooncircle // Berlin
Graciela Maria & Sneaky (live) // Project: Mooncircle // Mexico City, Manchester
Half-Sick Half-Girl // Sick Girls // Berlin
Ghettozoid (dj) // One4Ho // London
DJ Zhao (dj) // Ngomasound // Bejing
Area Boy (dj) // Barefoot Skank // Moskau
+ tbc

This article originally appeared on Bang Bang Berlin.