Doggystyle: Jodi, Max, Luna and Moose

by Zoë Noble

2jodi luna doggstyle berlin park

“Luna (left) is part Burmese Mountain Dog, Labrador, Boxer and German Mastiff.

“We found her on eBay Kleinanzeigen, and got her from an old man in Treptow. He had her grandmother, her mother and father, ten puppies and a cat in this tiny apartment. Luna was the odd one out – the only long hair in the litter – and she was always off by herself playing with bottle caps and things. We were like, ‘this is the one!’

“Having a dog has changed our lives in lots of positive ways. The only negative is that Luna really doesn’t like being on her own. Berlin is such a lovely dog city, so we take her most places. But if we ever go out somewhere she can’t come, then it’s like having a baby. She knows when we’re getting ready to go out, and she prances arounds, throws toys, shows off her skills, and does absolutely anything to get your attention.

“So we have to find a sitter, and either trade off with our friends who have dogs (like Moose’s owners) or leave her with someone who’d like a surrogate dog for the day.

“We always call Luna ‘the cat’. She licks her paw and cleans herself, and the way she eats is very delicate and dainty. Once I took a bit of ham and threw it at her, and actually landed in the face! It dropped to the ground and, even then, she sniffed it before she ate it. She’s really picky – she’s a total princess.

“But it’s the love you get every day, that makes it worthwhile. I laugh every single day looking at my dog – she just makes me happy.”