by James Glazebrook

yoris berlin mitte chalkboard

One of the best things about having actual day jobs is spending your lunch break exploring different eateries in a whole other part of town. For example, Joris in Mitte, which has filled the jacket potato-shaped hole left by the now-closed lunch legends Bixels. As well as delicious Kartoffeln with hot fillings or sour cream “dip”, this refined rustic lunch spot serves up custom and classic salad combinations to eat in or take away. Welcoming, tasty and affordable, this oasis of omnomnom on the north end of Brunnenstraße – an area not yet known for its great food and drink – should already be on your agenda if you work nearby, and is well worth the trip even if you don’t. Enjoy!

yoris berlin mitte cafe salad
yoris soup salad
yoris salad

yoris berlin mitte cafe
yoris berlin mitte lunch