Kado Liquorice

by James Glazebrook

Oh SNAP Foodie in Berlin! You just beat us to a post about Kadó Lakritzfachgeschäft on Graefestrasse. But what we lack in timeliness, we can more than make up for enthusiasm, because I am *mad* for liquorice! And it turns out our Kiez is a veritable Lakritz lover’s paradise, what with the ice cream shop next door selling Eis flavoured with the black stuff, and with Kadó just around the corner. We too were surprised a) to find a shop dedicated to products with a decidedly acquired taste, and b) to find it packed. But whether you like liquorice or not, you’ll enjoy this charming little store, its endless variations on a surprisingly adaptable ingredient (sweet, salty, spicy; in and around chocolate; as a spirit, etc.) and the infectious enthusiasm of its knowledgeable staff. Check out Foodie’s take, then the store itself – just bring me a bag back of something pitch-black.