Metal Montag: letlive.

by James Glazebrook

Live and letlive. by Mike T West.


Was it really earlier this year on a filthy, wind-swept evening that we waited outside a casino in Neukölln, drinking beer before seeing our favouritest rock band ever, Deftones?!

If you got there early enough then you may recall a man onstage throwing his shoe at the crowd before scaling the bar and stealing a beer. That was the singer of support band, L.A. post-everything rockers, letlive., who is both hot and rad. Don’t believe us? Release the GIFs!

Jason breaking the clock on your head.

Oh how we ♥ Jason Butler. Also see fit-as bassist Ryan Jay Johnson, channeling some post-hardcore Goslingness:

Anyhoo, they are back this weekend as part of a European headline tour in support of fantastic new album, The Blackest Beautiful. Imagine a tattooed Michael Jackson joining Refused instead of Cirque De Soleil.

letlive. are playing this Saturday 28th September at Crystal Club (the younger cousin of C-Club, which is the little brother of Columbiahalle – I smell a sitcom) Tickets are available wherever you can buy them.