Music Montag: Freddy Knop

by Guest Blogger

Natalye Childress of Berlin Beat introduces us to some hot new music.

You may know Freddy Knop better by his on-stage name, pOnk (heads up: that’s Knop backward). The Berlin-born and based music producer has been dabbling in various genres of music for years, and, in addition to work as a solo artist, he also plays bass and sings in post-rock band mOck – all that in addition to finishing up a PhD in musicology.

Recently Knop made the switch to going by his name alone, but his music is still primarily the same: glitchy experimental beats made from field recordings and found sounds. Knop’s most recent EP, “Polyphonies,” came out last month on Circle Into Square Records. The name alone is telling enough, as the EP’s seven tracks play around with textures, beats, and melody, as well as the introduction of more vocals on the part of Knop himself.

Check out the video for “Raum” below, a song that offers a fitting respite from this week’s less-than-ideal weather situation.