Music Montag: Mez Medallion

by James Glazebrook

Mez Medallion - Double Cat by Amelie Scalercio

Mez Medallion – Double Cat by Amelie Scalercio

It’s a bit outrageous that we haven’t featured Mez Medallion before. He’s well within our little expat bubble, as an Australian in Berlin and the boyfriend of überlin favourite Phia – with whom he shares songwriting brilliance, onstage charm, mastery over any number of instruments and a penchant for loop pedals. Of course, double M is his own man, especially when it comes to crafting the crisp beats that underscore his earnest electropop, and shredding on guitar.

Let’s get you up to speed. Here’s Mez’s autumn-appropriate video for “Move Towards the Light”…

…and the naïve white-boy funk of “I’ll Remember You” (live at Nicolassee on Fritz Unsigned):

If you’re digging this, you can preview and pick up Mez Medallion’s new EP Live in Berlin here, or catch him actual-live supporting Phia on her first headline tour of Germany – full details, including a Berlin date at the English Theatre, here. You shan’t regret it!