Music Montag: Schwarz Don’t Crack

by James Glazebrook

Schwarz Don't Crack by Dirk Oelmann

Schwarz Don’t Crack by Dirk Oelmann

We’re trying to avoid jinxing the weather by making more claims at having discovered the sound of Berlin summer, BUT: we’re totally digging the vibe of Schwarz Don’t Crack‘s Jan Hammer-sampling “Miami”: “there’s a place I long to be / on the shore, cobalt sea / do you want to come with me? / get away, head south for Miami winter…”

SDC are a German-New York duo producing deep, soulful electronic music carrying the promise of “RN’B realness” since back in 2011. They are teasing us with rumours of a first release on BPitch Control, and have just confirmed for this year’s MELT! Festival. If you can’t wait to hear more, listen to snippets of their tracks on their SoundCloud, and check out this nice little interview video: