Music Montag: The Ocean

by James Glazebrook

The Ocean

These submerged sludge-metallers are my musical discovery of the year so far: The Ocean. The Berlin-born experimental act recently shook C-Club to its core at their record company’s eponymous Pelagic Fest, even upstaging headliners Cult of Luna – no mean feat! Their challenging sonic brutality, conceptual commitment and obsession with the sea all call to mind Mastadon, while another lazy comparison would be art-alt-metal masters Tool – both of whom The Ocean easily match live. Seriously.

I’m not entirely sure which of the above men rocked my world, because the band’s revolving door lineup has so far featured at least 40 members since 2000, with the one constant being guitarist and songwriter Robin Staps (front and centre). But it was definitely the same group that tore apart Moscow’s Plan B in the video below. Take a deep breath – we’re going under.