Oh! You Pretty Things – Win Places on a Berlin Bowie Walk

by James Glazebrook

Did you know that David Bowie once lived in Berlin? And did you know that he also recorded some music while he was here? I learnt these facts, and actual interesting ones too, when I went on Feeling Gloomy Berlin’s Bowie walking tour a couple of months back. It was THIS MUCH FUN:

James from überlin in Bowie facepaint

And now you have a chance to take a walk in the Thin White Duke’s platform boots, as we’re giving away a pair of free places on the Berlin Bowie Walk this Saturday (July 21st, other details here). To win two spots for you and a friend, all you have to do is tell us where you would like to go for a walk with David Bowie, and why you think he would like it. Leave your entry in the comments below, by 6pm Berlin time this Friday (July 20th), when we’ll pick our favourite and let the winner know by email.

For what it’s worth, we think Ziggy Stardust would like to go on a walkabout across the Australian desert, because it resembles the surface of MARS and is full of SPIDERS… :/ You must be able to beat that! But if you need some inspiration, check out Network Awesome, which is screening collections of Bowie’s live performances and stabs at acting. Good luck!!!

Bowie on Network Awesome