Happy Christmas!

by James Glazebrook

Happy Christmas from √ľberlin and Olive

Olive wanted to pop by to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and to thank everyone who supported us through a year of big changes, and occasionally tough, yet¬†rewarding, times. She rightly pointed out that √ľberlin would be nothing without our community, and thought we should remind our coworkers, readers, followers and friends: we love you all.

A special¬†”paws up” to Free Your Stuff Berlin¬†for donating a kostenlos Christmas tree (we promise to stop trolling you so hard!) and to Shinola, the Detroit product designers who made the luxurious¬†dog bed¬†that Olive is modelling so beautifully here. To all our √ľberliners,¬†Frohe Weihnachten and Guten Rutsch!

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Music Montag: Nina Hagen, Naughty and Nice

by James Glazebrook

"Nina relajada" by inthesitymad, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Nina relajada” by inthesitymad, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

We’ve said it before: Nina Hagen is the queen. So we’re going to give her the spotlight on this Christmas edition of Music Montag, for a couple of naughty and nice renditions of Weihnachten-themed songs.

First up, enjoy her doing what she does best, getting sacrilegious (ish) over the top of some bonkers acid techno. Then, watch the post-punk icon get visibly outside of her comfort zone, and still nailing it, singing a traditional hymn with an orchestra for French TV. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Naughty: “X- Christmas”

Nice: “Stille Nacht” (Silent Night)

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Cards Against Humanity: The Berlin Edition

by James Glazebrook

Cards Against Humanity Berlin Expat Edition

Kennst du Cards Against Humanity? It’s the “party game for horrible people”, where players attempt to one-up each other, by providing shocking and disgusting answers to seemingly¬†innocuous questions. Naturally, we love it.

The only problem is that you can’t buy it in Germany. The makers tell us that this is a distribution challenge, but we also wonder whether is has something to do with not knowing the Deutsch market. If you don’t understand Germans, you might not realise that their minds are as filthy as the Americans and Brits, or know where they draw the line between “wrong ;) ” and “WRONG!!!!”

Thankfully, Cards Against Humanity have made it possible to produce your own game. On their website, they provide the standard set of black and white cards for printing at home, and blank sets so you can make your own. A couple of fans have even produced German translations Рcheck them out here and here.

Introducing¬†Cards Against Humanity: The Berlin Edition.¬†We’ve created a set of cards that reflect all that is weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) about living in Berlin, so you can test your friends’ local knowledge as well as their intestinal fortitude! Just download it here, get horrible and enjoy yourselves!

Cards Against Humanity Berlin Edition 1

Cards Against Humanity Berlin Edition 2

Have you got anything to add? Let us know what black cards you’d like to see, and maybe we’ll make an expanded pack. Leave your filthy comments below ;)

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Music Montag: Erlend √ėye

by James Glazebrook

Erlend √ėye from https://www.facebook.com/ErlendOyeOfficial

We’ve slept on¬†Erlend √ėye‘s new album since it was released, but now seems the right time to celebrate Legao. Oddly released just after the end of summer,¬†√ėye’s second solo release is totally sun-baked, despite being recorded in¬†Reykjav√≠k¬†with an Icelandic¬†reggae group (which, apparently, is a thing).

So pour some honey in your Ingwertee, and bask in the humid, holiday romance vibes of “Garota”, filmed in Seoul. And for bonus open-air¬†√ėye, check out The Whitest Boy Alive’s white boy dancing in¬†D E N A’s ‚ÄúCash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools‚ÄĚ, which is also guaranteed to cure those winter blues.

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Ask √ľberlin #2: Snap Chat

by James Glazebrook

Ask √ľberlin #2 Snap Chat

Find out the secrets of Zo√ę’s success! For this week’s Ask √ľberlin¬†we help out a reader who’s looking for photography work here in Berlin. Listen in to learn about the humble beginnings of Zo√ę Noble Photography, how to set yourself apart from all the iPhone snappers out there, and which Berlin photo blogs and instagram profiles we go to for inspiration.

Oh, and if you’re a figurative artist and/or a fan of¬†K√§the Kollwitz, then we need your help! A reader who’s moving to Berlin in the new year is planning a study of the¬†local art icon, so if you are able to help, or know someone who can, then we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a comment on this blog post, or our SoundCloud, or send an email to the address listed below. Thanks a lot, art nerds!

Got a question for us? Stick it in an email to¬†ask@uberlin.co¬†and we‚Äôll answer you on an upcoming episode of Ask √ľberlin!

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Music Montag: J Mascis

by James Glazebrook

"j mascis 3" by Allison Harger, under Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 2.0)

“j mascis 3″ by Allison Harger, under Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Of all the indie icons currently spending at least part of their time in Berlin,¬†J Mascis has to be our personal favourite. As the creative nucleus of 90s alt rockers Dinosaur Jr, he was responsible for slacker anthems such as “Feel the Pain”, accompanied by this hilarious¬†Spike Jonze video:

But more, much more than this, Mascis has spent the years between Dinosaur Jr records by expanding his repertoire – recording doom metal with Upsidedown Cross, stoner with Witch, and chilled out and heartfelt solo material. Like this year’s Tied to a Star, which yielded another LOL-tastic video, which you can watch over on Funny or Die’s YouTube channel.

Join us in celebrating Mascis’ return to Berlin, by picking up tickets to next week’s show at Lido. Welcome back, Space Angel!

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Fantastic photos from Berlin’s biggest Christmas market

by Zo√ę Noble


Tis the season! While all the other bloggers are seeking out the quaintest, most traditionally festive Weihnachtsmarkts in Berlin, we thought we’d go to arguably the worst and take the best photos of it!¬†Wintertraum, which stretches from Alexanderplatz to Jannowitzbr√ľcke, bills itself as Berlin’s biggest Christmas market, but really it’s a funfair – complete with candy floss vendors, vomit-inducing rides to test the stomachs of adventurous candy floss eaters, and what seems like a billion flashing lights. So what better place to test out the steampunk-y Petzval lens¬†I had on load from Lomography?

The¬†Petzval¬†comes in stunning gold, and apparently “is a stunning reinvention of the legendary Petzval Lens, which was first conceived of in Vienna, Austria, in 1840.” It works with both analogue and digital cameras, and allows you to take photos with a narrow depth of field, producing a¬†trippy¬†bokeh¬†effect in the background. I really enjoyed using it to capture the insanity of the Wintertraum Christmas market, including the creepy clowns, retro rides like “BREAK DANCE”, the possibly-BER-inspired “Chaos Airport” … and James’ beard! A photo opportunity if ever there was one. ;)


























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Ask √ľberlin #1: Popping the Question

by James Glazebrook

Ask √ľberlin #1 Popping the Question

Welcome to the first episode of our first podcast,¬†Ask √ľberlin!¬†Here we answer reader Eddy’s adorable question: where should he propose to his girlfriend while on vacation in Berlin?

Is the¬†TV Tower¬†really the most romantic place in Berlin? And what is Zo√ę’s ingenious plan involving an engagement ring, a hot dog and the peacocks of Pfaueninsel?¬†Listen in for all the saucy details!

Got a question for us? Stick it in an email to¬†ask@uberlin.co¬†and we‚Äôll answer you on an upcoming episode of Ask √ľberlin!

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Music Montag: 19th Moon

by James Glazebrook

Nothing beats the rush of finding an exciting new artist to listen to, but sometimes that high is all-too-brief. Such was the case with 19th Moon, the US-born, Nigeria-bred and Berlin-based singer-songwriter we discovered on a recent edition of Expatriarch Radio.

We’ve already burned through the five tracks on her SoundCloud, which combine the moody introspection of The xx with the acoustic soul of India Arie and the avant-pop of Zola Jesus. At the time of writing, we’ve literally just missed a solo show by 19th Moon, so we’re going to keep an eye on her upcoming events for more. We suggest you do the same ;)

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Doggystyle: Julius and Mo

by Zo√ę Noble

‚ÄúShe is such a cuddly sweet puppy and I think she‚Äôll always remain a puppy.‚ÄĚ

Berlin Doggystyle Berlin Doggystyle Closeup

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