Der Adlershofer Fundus: Prop House

by Zo√ę Noble

There are some places in Berlin that you can’t quite believe really exist. The Museum of Things¬†is certainly one of them, Spreepark another, and now… Der Adlershofer Fundus. This prop house is completely unassuming from the outside, the exterior giving away nothing of the size and scale of what lies within. Walk down a few flights of stairs and the first thing you’re greeted with is the cutest little dog called Fundus… awwww. Once Fundus gives you the OK, you head into a warren of corridors. Filled to the brim with objects, clothes, set pieces and weird oddities from almost every decade, the sheer scale of the collection is jaw-dropping.

We wandered for hours, soaking it all up – around every corner a new era or object or mannequin to be terrified of. It just kept going, so I kept snapping. If you’re in the film industry or you need to build sets, then this place needs to be on your radar. I will most certainly be coming here when I need props for my next photo shoot, that’s for sure!

Der Adlershofer Fundus Telephones Der Adlershofer Fundus Terrier Dog Der Adlershofer Fundus Soldier Der Adlershofer Fundus Bottles Der Adlershofer Fundus Stuffed Grizzly Bear Der Adlershofer Fundus Clocks on Wall Der Adlershofer Fundus Retro Cameras Der Adlershofer Fundus Typewriters Der Adlershofer Fundus Milk Pales Der Adlershofer Fundus Wall Hangings Der Adlershofer Fundus Knomes Der Adlershofer Fundus Doll Der Adlershofer Fundus Lights Der Adlershofer Fundus Retro Televisions Zo√ę in Mirror Der Adlershofer Fundus Bags Der Adlershofer Fundus Stuffed Crocodile Der Adlershofer Fundus Medical Area Der Adlershofer Fundus Doctor Mannequin Der Adlershofer Fundus Prams Der Adlershofer Fundus Books Der Adlershofer Fundus Antlers Der Adlershofer Fundus Chairs Der Adlershofer Fundus Pottery Der Adlershofer Fundus Vintage Clothes Der Adlershofer Fundus Wigs Der Adlershofer Fundus Vintage Clothing Der Adlershofer Fundus Disco Ball Der Adlershofer Fundus Vintage Clothing Der Adlershofer Fundus Batman


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Win tickets to Open Mike Eagle and Homeboy Sandman at Berghain

by James Glazebrook

[EDIT: this competition is now closed. Click here to see if we're running any open competitions]

Open Mike Eagle and Homeboy Sandman¬†are two of the hottest rappers on the US hip hop circuit, and they’re headed to Berlin! The Swim Team crew member and Stones Throw’s Sandman are part of that amorphous emcee scene which the former likes to call “art rap”. And they’re bringing their intelligent, intense brand of wordplay to Berghain’s little sister venue Kantine next week. Scroll down past Open Mike Eagle’s video for “Dark Comedy Morning Show” to find out how to win a pair of tickets!

Speaking of comedy, Open Mike’s also performed at shows by hilarious people like Matt Besser (UCB) and Paul F. Tompkins because, hey, these dudes are pretty fucking funny too. For proof, just check out his and Homeboy’s appearance on our favourite hip hop podcast, Shots Fired:


Just leave us a comment below with the answer to this easy question:

Who’s the funniest rapper you can think of? Drop us some lyrics that will make us LOL.

You have until midnight on Thursday 13th November to enter. GOOD LUCK!

The Boring Bit (yawn, RULES):

1. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
3. We will keep a record of each comment in a database and then a random number generator picks the winner.
4. Remember to include your full (real) name and email address, so we can contact you if you win.
6. We will notify the winner via email on Friday 14th November.

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Workshop: How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin

by James Glazebrook

How to become a freelance in Berlin

Note: our first workshop is now all full up! If you’d like to attend a future workshop, please drop us a note at contact@uberlin.co and we’ll let you know when we’ve set a date.¬†

Since moving to Berlin, we’ve learned the hard way how to set ourselves up as freelancers in Germany. Every time we tried to decipher another letter written in Deutsch officialese, navigate the corridors of one more Amt, or (shudder!) do our taxes, we wished there was someone to explain what we should be doing, and why. That’s why we’re really excited to announce the first ever √ľberlin workshop, in conjunction with the experts at Expath:¬†How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin.

This is the workshop for you if you’re thinking of going freelance, or if you already have and don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Maybe you’ve moved to Berlin from outside of Germany, and want to know how the country’s laws affect you. Or perhaps you’re working cash-in-hand and want to “get official”, lest you get locked up or deported or something (just kidding!). Or maybe you’re just wondering: do I really need all this insurance?

Join our workshop to get an expert’s answers to questions like these:

  • What kind of health insurance do I need?
  • What other insurances are a good idea?
  • How do I get a tax number and invoice clients?
  • How do income taxes work?
  • What is VAT and do I need to charge it? Are there other taxes I need to know about?
  • What is the difference between freelancing, self-employed and being a Gewerbe?
  • What are the special German laws regarding marketing, advertising, your website etc?

How to Become a Freelancer in Berlin takes place on Wednesday November 19th, from 6 – 9pm in our beautiful coworking space. It will be in held *in English*¬†and costs ‚ā¨30 to attend. Sign up here.

Happy freelancing!

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Five months of coworking: An √ľberlin update

by James Glazebrook


It’s hard to believe that our coworking space has already been open for five months! It seems like just yesterday that we announced our new venture¬†and started collecting furniture, equipment and, most importantly, awesome people with which to fill our space. We’ve kept things pretty quiet since our super-successful opening party, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Zo√ę, myself, and the wonderful community we’ve gathered around ourselves, have been plugging away, producing, promoting and photographing awesome stuff from within our¬†converted biscuit factory.


Here are just a few of the great things to come out of the √ľberlin coworking space and studio¬†in its first five months:

  • Berlin Besetzt, an interactive map showing the development of Berlin’s squatting scene, a work in progress by developer Eike
  • Cumulus Diaries, a beautiful blog by Aussie expat Rachael,¬†all about design, style, people and adventure
  • Our resident startup, Descape, which offers brief getaways into exciting professions. You can even sign up to spend a day with Zo√ę and find out what it’s really like to be¬†a photographer!
  • Speaking of which, Zo√ę’s been using our studio to shoot for clients like Etsy,¬†sisterMAG, Alpha Cruxis and Ableton, as well as her own fashion editorial shoots (check them out here)
  • Freelance recipe developer Sophie has relaunched¬†Das Brunch, a pop-up breakfast experience (nom)
  • And Arielle, Desi and the INgrooves team have distributed a¬†bunch of awesome records¬†from Berlin labels¬†Hotflush and¬†Seppuku, and our¬†personal favourite – Octave Minds, a collaboration between Boys Noize and Chilly Gonzales. Here’s a selection for your listening pleasure:

Want to join us? We’re adding a few more desks into our intimate little coworking space. If you’d like to be in the best place to do your best work – or to rent out our photographic studio – just drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Mogg & Melzer

by James Glazebrook


Already something of a Berlin institution, Mogg & Melzer has become a staple of the city’s food scene since opening its doors just two years ago. The small but perfectly formed restaurant, inside the former Jewish girl’s school on Mitte’s Auguststra√üe, serves up probably the best New York-style deli food to be found in a city which still considers a slice of cheese on Br√∂tchen as a decent sandwich. We’ve chewed our way through most of M&M’s excellent menu over the years, but we always find ourselves alighting on the salt beef (on the rare occasions that it’s not sold out), pastrami on rye, or the Reuben. Served with a side of coleslaw and a crispy pickle, each sandwich comes in small or large – no prizes for guessing which we opt for! – and is literally dripping with meaty goodness. Just like in NYC, arrive early to get a seat and your pick of delicious food, and spend your time savouring every last mouthful of Mogg & Melzer.


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Music Montag: Kool Thing

by James Glazebrook

Kool Thing by Claudia Kent

Kool Thing by Claudia Kent

You might already know Kool Thing, as the people behind this awesome cover of Bowie’s “Station to Station”, or simply as one of the best bands in Berlin today. The duo, sometime collaborators with aMinus’ Valentin Plessy, share with the Sonic Youth song of the same name a certain defiant attitude and a penchant for guitar noise, wedded to haunting synth lines and pulsing electronic beats. They’ve sent us their new track, which hints at a darker direction for their sophomore album, expected to be released early next year. We give you¬†”I See You (I Am You)”.

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Photo Diary: Berlin in Autumn

by Zo√ę Noble

Last Sunday I was severely hungover and debating whether or not to leave my bed. Olive gave me her best “I’m going to shit on your floor” face, so there wasn’t much choice really… thankfully it worked out good for both of us and I had the most amazing day!

The weather was perfect. PERFECT. The trees and buildings glowed a magical golden colour that made even the most hardened of Berliners smile maniacally. People were frolicking in the waters or lazing in the afternoon sun on the banks of the Landwehrkanal. It was like the whole of Berlin was outside, soaking up what might be the last of the good weather, enjoying the city.

On days like that I feel so grateful for living in such a wonderful city.

Halloween pumpkin in window People sitting on banks of Maybachufer Autumn leaves in the sun People canoeing underneath bridge in Kreuzberg Looking through bridge in Kreuzberg Changing leaves on building Chalet alongside canal Building in the sun alongside the Spree Olive siting next to Spree  The Molecule Men in the Berlin Spree

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Neue Heimat’s Bar and Food Night

by James Glazebrook

Neuheimat entrance

Summer’s well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean that Berlin’s burgeoning street food scene has to suffer. Sure, open air events like Markthalle Neun’s Stadt Land Food¬†are going into hibernation, but Bite Club¬†has moved indoors, and more and more pop-up food events are, er, popping up, seeking shelter in bars, clubs and other venues all over the city.

One recent discovery is¬†Neue Heimat‘s bar and food night, which can be found in a converted railway shed in the RAW Complex in Friedrichshain (also the location of the fantastic Urban Spree). As well as the ever-present Mogg & Melzer, eatable treats were provided by the Happy Belly¬†oyster bar,¬†Schneewei√ü‘s pop-up restaurant and more! We tucked into a succulent surf n’ turf burger from Fisch Art and a chorizo and bean-filled delight from¬†Maria Maria Arepas, while lubrication came in the form of Red Snappers (gin-laced Bloody Maries), Old Fashioneds and Negronis.

If you’re a fan of jazz, you’ll be happy to note that all this deliciousness coincides with the Jazzy Fridays weekly live sessions – and those who like their music with more bleeps and bloops will probably feel the main room DJ (thanks for the Caribou!). With entertainment going on until 4am or later, and more awesome food and drink than you could safely consume, Neue Heimat’s set to live up to its name in the cold months to come. Make this your new home this winter.

Neuheimat food market outsideBloody Mary drink with celeryNeuheimat food market

Neuheimat cocktails
Neuheimat wine bar Neuheimat food hall Neuheimat oyster bar Neuheimat burger


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Doggystyle: Hannis and Alfons

by Zo√ę Noble

Berlin streetstyle of man and an english bulldog

English Bulldog lying down on the street

“I think English Bulldogs are perfect for the city because they’re so lazy. Alfons loves other people and dogs as well and is very social.¬†I’d love to get another one but two would be too much!”

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Music Montag: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

by James Glazebrook

Dig! Movie poster

What is it about Berlin that attracts international indie icons? Apart from Iggy and Bowie, the city’s also been home to Pavement’s¬†Stephen Malkmus, Walter Schreifels of¬†Quicksand¬†and Rival Schools, J Mascis (sometimes) and,¬†um, the bloke from Travis. Anton Newcombe, the ringleader of the confrontational and chaotic¬†The Brian Jonestown Massacre, has also sought refuge here for the past few years, as a self-described¬†”artist/horticulturalist/babysitter”. For today’s Music Montag, we’re screening the whole of¬†Dig!, the Sundance Grand Prix-winning documentary about the love-hate relationship between the Massacre and their (former?) pals, the Dandy Warhols. As with many great docos, it straddles the line between fact and fiction, but it’s a sensational watch nonetheless.

Dig! from Retazovvorks on Vimeo.

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