Photo of the Day – April 5, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Berlin TV Tower Fernsehturm

Doggystyle: Lisa and Eda

by Zoë Noble

“She’s a little princess. She has post-menstrual depression after being on heat!”

Doggystyle Streetstyle Berlin Girl in Parka

cute fluffy dog closeup

Photo of the Day – April 2, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Berlin Brick Hail Snow

Doggystyle: Delona and Pippi

by Zoë Noble

20140415-162057-u 20140415-162120-u

Photo of the Day – March 30, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Tempelhof Airport Berlin

Music Montag: Josh the Cat

by James Glazebrook


Here’s a little something chill to ease you into the week: “Let’s Start” by Josh the Cat. Josh has appeared on überlin before, once as his Mez Medallion alter ego, and again as Phia’s long-time “collaborator” (that’s what me and Zoë call it too!). This time, the catman is back, with some serious Erlend Øye vibes and a track that he tantalisingly describes as ” a slowed-down early Twin Shadow meets a lo-fi Death Cab for Cutie, but produced by Childish Gambino”. Have a listen to “Let’s Start” below, and download it for free here. Have a good week :)

Photo of the Day: March 27, 2014

by Zoë Noble

Berlin Photo of the Day Sad Graffiti Face