Sunday Lunch at The Dairy

by James Glazebrook

Sunday Lunch at The Dairy 1

Before you get excited, this was a one-off! The Dairy in Prenzlauer Berg squeezed two sittings of 12 into their dinky little café last Sunday for “Ye Olde English Pub Lunch”. With spaces in short supply, we booked immediately – we weren’t going to pass up the rare opportunity to enjoy pork pies, beef wellington and spotted dick in Germany!

Apart from the minor disappointment of “no dick for James”, the food was incredible, from the aforementioned meat delights to the cock-a-leekie soup, potted duck and the substitute dessert, a surprisingly light and crispy bread-and-butter pudding. Our genial hosts were talking about their plans for more special culinary events like this, so even though you missed out BIG TIME here, you still might get to feast your face off in the future – stay tuned to The Dairy Facebook Page for updates.

Sunday Lunch at The Dairy 2

Sunday Lunch at The Dairy 3