Doggystyle: Astrid and Anna

by Zoë Noble

“She is a mix between a Riesenschnauzer and white Schäferhund and is 11 and a half years old. She loves kids and is really relaxed and very loyal.”

Berlin Doggystyle Streetstyle with Astrid and Anna Berlin Doggystyle Streetstyle with Anna Closeup

Doggystyle: Julius and Mo

by Zoë Noble

“She is such a cuddly sweet puppy and I think she’ll always remain a puppy.”

Berlin Doggystyle Berlin Doggystyle Closeup

On the Street: The Peacock

by Zoë Noble

Berlin streetstyle of man in blue suit

Berlin streetstyle closeup of brown shoes and blue socks

Berlin streetstyle closeup of man in blue suit