Music Montag: Schwarz Don’t Crack

by James Glazebrook

Schwarz Don't Crack by Dirk Oelmann

Schwarz Don’t Crack by Dirk Oelmann

We’re trying to avoid jinxing the weather by making more claims at having discovered the sound of Berlin summer, BUT: we’re totally digging the vibe of Schwarz Don’t Crack‘s Jan Hammer-sampling “Miami”: “there’s a place I long to be / on the shore, cobalt sea / do you want to come with me? / get away, head south for Miami winter…”

SDC are a German-New York duo producing deep, soulful electronic music carrying the promise of “RN’B realness” since back in 2011. They are teasing us with rumours of a first release on BPitch Control, and have just confirmed for this year’s MELT! Festival. If you can’t wait to hear more, listen to snippets of their tracks on their SoundCloud, and check out this nice little interview video:


by James Glazebrook

SPIELKAMERAD in front of Berghain

Part of the weekend never dies! Keep Sunday night ticking along nicely with this deep, lush house mix from Berlin native *SPIELKAMERAD* . Robert Zweiniger – whose alias is German for “playmate” – spent the last four years spinning at East London warehouse parties, but somehow we missed him! So we’re glad he’s back in his hometown, and will celebrate with this set that includes tracks from local legends BPitch Control and Mobilee, as well as dancefloor warmers from further afield.

Music Montag: Ellen Allien & Apparat

by James Glazebrook

An oldie but a goodie. Nearly as old, in fact, as our love affair with Berlin. Released a couple of months after our first visit to the German capital, this represents the best music then (ever?) produced in the city. A collaboration between the original Berlinette Ellen Allien and local boy Apparat, “Do Not Break” has never left my (virtual) record box, proving particularly handy at Pamflet’s legendary London parties. Its heavy rotation continues this Saturday, as we celebrate a year in Berlin and all the great stuff that brought us to the city in the first place.

Saturday 19th November, 10pm – ?
The Black Lodge, Sanderstrasse 6, Neukölln, 12047 Berlin
More details here

Music Montag: Dillon

by James Glazebrook

BPitch Control’s Dillon is an artist about whom we know refreshingly little. While the singer-songwriter isn’t scared of fame, having – apparently – gained her first shows and the attention of Ellen Allien’s label with her own YouTube channel, she seems determined to communicate through her music rather than hype. As she recently tweeted: “I COULD START TELLING YOU STORIES NOW, BUT I WOULD RATHER SAVE THEM FOR WHEN WE MEET IN PERSON.”

What we do know: Dillon is based in Berlin, but with the real name Dominique Dillon de Byington, probably wasn’t born here. She plans to release her debut album, This Silence Kills, on the palendromic date of 11/11/11. DJ Koze likes her: “She sings comfortably imperfect and true. She has character.” We like her.

We think Dillon sounds like this: the whimsical naïveté and alt-folk weirdness of CocoRosie, plus the more straightforward pop sensibility of Lykke Li, with the post-club residual rushes of Glasser and Bodi Bill (see a video of Dillon covering Bodi’s “Willem” live). Album closer “Abrupt Clarity”, unfortunately not yet public, is essentially an update of Björk’s “Hyperballad”.

We know Dillon sounds like this: download “Thirteen ThirtyFive”, or listen to it below.

Dillon looks like this:


To find out (a little) more about Dillon, visit dillon-music.com. Or wait to hear This Silence Kills, out on BPitch Control on November 11th, for yourself.

This article originally appeared on Bang Bang Berlin.

Music Montag: Aérea Negrot

by James Glazebrook

Aerea Negrot
Venezuelan transgender diva Aérea Negrot first appeared as a guest vocalist on Hercules and the Love Affair’s last album, Blue Songs, before finding her home at Berlin’s bpitch control. Her incorporation of abstract vocals into hypnotic minimal owes much to label head Ellen Allien and sometime collaborator Miss Kittin, but Negrot has an identity all of her own, musically, visually, and, well, sexually. Gender politics are not our forté, but it’s pretty obvious what she’s referring to 11 minutes into the below live set (recorded at Watergate) when she starts chanting, “This is not the wrong body”.

Debut album Arabxilla (out on September 19th) folds techno, abstract electronica, piano house and opera into a heady, hedonistic mix – think Nôze meets Grace Jones in a Berghain bathroom. Our highlight is a German-language lounge song called “Berlin”, which we can’t wait to drop into a self-indulgent themed DJ set, but for now you’ll have to settle for an exclusive track, “Love You From The Brain”, streaming at the bottom of this post.

“Love You From The Brain” (click through to download):

This article originally appeared on Bang Bang Berlin.

Music Montag: Jahcoozi

by James Glazebrook


Jahcoozi are back! And this weekend they’re making a cape out of donated dreadlocks. No, really. Not sure what the cause is, but we’ll support anything that removes dreads from the heads of the crusties that stank up our city. You should check out the installation/concert/commemoration(?) of the erection of the Berlin Wall this Saturday, but for now we’re going to revisit the track that made us fall in love with the Berlin-based booty-bass bpitch act in the first place.

I don’t need to brag about the East End
Got the best of both worlds innit in the end.
Why’s everybody’s chatting bout the LDN?
When we know what’s going off in the BLN

Barefoot Skank presents:
13.08.2011 / Radialsystem / Berlin

Jahcoozi (Konzert + Special Performance) // BPitch Control // Berlin
Robot Koch (live) // Project: Mooncircle // Berlin
Graciela Maria & Sneaky (live) // Project: Mooncircle // Mexico City, Manchester
Half-Sick Half-Girl // Sick Girls // Berlin
Ghettozoid (dj) // One4Ho // London
DJ Zhao (dj) // Ngomasound // Bejing
Area Boy (dj) // Barefoot Skank // Moskau
+ tbc

This article originally appeared on Bang Bang Berlin.