Melbourne Canteen

by James Glazebrook

Melbourne Canteen 1

We actually went to Melbourne Canteen weeks ago, but we didn’t want to make some sort of statement about supporting English-only businesses in Berlin. Oops – look like we just did! Anyway, when we returned after *that* Exberliner article, we’re happy to confirm that we were offered a German menu – but, more importantly, that the food was still great. The eggs Benedict were among the best we’ve ever had in Berlin, the full Aussie – or whatever they call eggs, bacon and the works down under – was generous and tasty, and (of course) the flat white was near-perfect. Oh, and the walls are decorated with photographic prints from everyone’s new favourite Berlin streetstyle blog, What Ali Wore.

Melbourne Canteen 5

Melbourne Canteen 4

Melbourne Canteen 3

Melbourne Canteen 2

Melbourne Canteen 6

Brezel Company Berlin

by James Glazebrook

Brezel Company Berlin 1

The Brezel Company Berlin will be a familiar name to anyone who follows us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@ZoNoPhoto). For weeks we’ve been posting photos of the restaurant and take away bakery’s breakfast and lunch specials…  everything except their eponymous prezels. While we can recommend these oven-fresh delights, we go for the big brunches – including a pretty decent Full English, and diabetes-inducing Canadian pancakes – and the delicious seafood pasta dishes that you can always find on their blackboard. While we’re no experts, we’ve been told that Brezel Company do pretty authentic Southern German cuisine (käsespätzle, anyone?), and the reasonable prices and location – on Neukölln’s schön Friedelstrasse – keep us going back for more.

Brezel Company Berlin 2

Brezel Company Berlin 3

Brezel Company Berlin 4

Brezel Company Berlin 5

Brezel Company Berlin 6

Brezel Company Berlin 7

Bullys Bakery

by James Glazebrook

When we heard there was a cafe called Bullys Bakery here in Berlin, we just had to pay them a visit to show off our very own bulldog Olive! As soon as she waddled into the cute Neukölln store, she was greeted by 2 1/2 year old Kurt, the eponymous bully, and very much the big dog around here. About five times as big and half as excited by new friends, Kurt tolerated little O’s attempts to scale his mountains of muscles before going for a sleep in the back.

Even if you aren’t a dog lover, you’ll find much to enjoy in Bullys Bakery: a great flat white (the yardstick I use to measure the standard of a place’s coffee), beautiful cakes and delicious Flammkuchen. A German speciality, these sauceless pizzas are an überlin fave, and the ones we ate at Bullys, especially the chorizo, egg, goat’s cheese and rocket, the best we’ve ever had. So if you ever find yourself on Weserstrasse, pop in for a coffee and cake, and say “wüf” to Kurt for us!


Café Matilda

by Zoë Noble

What a difference a bit of sun makes! This weekend the temperature topped 20°C, and the Berlin we’ve been cursing through the winter months, was finally transformed into the city we all know and love. If you’re one of those weirdos who (like us!) decide to move to Berlin during winter, then the most important advice you’re likely to receive from anyone, is to make sure you stick it out until summer. They claim you haven’t seen the REAL Berlin unless you’ve enjoyed idyllic walks along the canal and cold beers in the sun, surrounded by smiling happy Berliners… AND THEY’RE RIGHT!!

Today was the first time this year we’ve been able to sit in the sun and brunch at Café Matilda, one of our fav haunts, and it felt goooood. As depressing as winter can be here (-20°C anyone??), it’s the thought of Berlin in the summer that keeps you holding on and stops you running to the hills. How long this recent hike in temperatures will last, no one knows, or cares… as most importantly it’s a taste of things to come!


by James Glazebrook

By night, Fuchsbau (literally, “foxhole”) on Planufer is the smokiest raucherbar I’ve never seen. But on the weekend it becomes one of our favourite brunch spots in Graefekiez, thanks to its soft-boiled eggs on toast with chives, salsa and two types of mustard. I don’t know if they consider it their signature dish, but it’s so good that our Irish friends know der Fuchsbau only by their name for it: The Egg. They also have DJs and live music, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Fuchsbau 1

California Breakfast Slam

by James Glazebrook

We’ve *hearted* California Breakfast Slam since it was based near our old Kiez, before it shut down and then magically popped up a few streets away from our new flat! Berlin’s best Mexifornian (?) brunch is currently based on Pflügerstrasse in Neukölln, although according to their hilarious, ranty Facebook Page, they’re looking for a permanent home in the neighbourhood. Our advice: get down there and enjoy the heuvos rancheros or two eggs plate (with turkey sausages and pancakes) before they go all nomadic again!

überlin does Copenhagen

by James Glazebrook

Part two of our Excellent Scandinavian Adventure! (Zoë’s busy cutting-and-pasting our heads onto Bill and Ted’s bodies as I write this.) After Stockholm (read our highlights here), Copenhagen was colder and even more expensive! Case in point: brunch for two at Café Europa, recommended by the chic @Lilies_Diary, came to €70. Despite this, the Danes were warm and welcoming, and we had loads of fun: here are the best bits of our three days in the CPH.

We stumbled across a couple of early highlights on our first walk through the historical waterfront Nyhavn district into town. First, we picked up the best brews of our trip in the Coffee Factory, and then we spotted an actor from Forbydelsen! (For the nerds: Nicolas Bro, who plays Thomas Buch. If he wasn’t deep in conversation, you’d now be looking at a picture of him, me, and my two thumbs.) We celebrated by hitting the shops, killing (geddit?) time in Wood Wood and the city’s countless independent boutiques – naturally, I bought some Clarks.

Shamefully, we only followed one tip on our friend Ed’s excellent Foursquare list, but we picked well. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, rightly called “the most beautiful museum in the world”, is one of the best things we’ve ever seen. Situated an hour away on the north Zealand coast, the museum combines an excellent collection – of sculpture in particular – with panoramic views across the Øresund that had us vowing to one day live somewhere like that. Back in town, we went from the transcendent to the touristy, popping into the Ice Bar to warm up (its -5°C was a few degrees balmier than the street outside) and grabbing the best hotdog in town at the nearby Andersen Bakery. Muscular, sexy versions of those limp dogs you get in Ikea, these are like the Brigitte Nielsens of meaty treats. I’ve said too much…

Check out our Stockholm highlights, and stay tuned for more stunning photos of the Louisiana Museum.