KaffeeBar Jenseits des Kanals

by James Glazebrook

We’ve found it! Decent coffee in Graefekiez! KaffeeBar Jenseits des Kanals, simply “KaffeeBar” to the linguistically-challenged internationals already flocking here, has only been open a couple of weeks but is already getting a rep in our little ‘hood. The café latte rivals that of Passenger Espresso, so we no longer have to get the U-Bahn up to Schlesisches Tor for that (seriously), and the americano’s solid enough. We plan to find out more about the coffee, and the cake (chocolate zucchini omnomnom), as we hang out there like every day. Free wifi, friendly service and a fresh take on the peeling-paint-and-reclaimed-furniture aesthetic make this place vey appealing, and we could well end up treating it like our St. Oberholz-away-from-Oberholz… only not full of douchebags. Yet. Keep this under your Hut.


by James Glazebrook

We recently asked our Facebook fans what they wanted to see more of on the blog and the top answer so far (go vote!) has been “cool things to see and do in Berlin”. Now we don’t get out much, and if we do, we don’t stray from our Kiez – but that’s OK, because the area around Graefestrasse in Kreuzberg has everything we need (except for great coffee).

I decided that a niftybobs way of introducing you to the neighbourhood would be a personalised Google Map marked up with our highlights. As well as a dangerous number of eateries (I’m writing this with a gut-full of ice cream), there are bars, Hard Wax records (which I’m claiming even though its located over the canal), an expert tattooists and – what the what? – a licorice shop??!!

So have a click around Graefekiez. Let us know if we’ve missed anything, and why not make a map of your area? We’d love to get an insider’s view on other parts of Berlin. Ciao!

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Hudson’s Cakes

by James Glazebrook

We first heard out about Hudson’s from the lovely Foodie in Berlin, an expat expert in all things culinary, and recent featured contributor on Chorus + Echo. The fact that my first question was “how’s the coffee?” should give you an idea of how much I’ve been longing for a taste of home, but the idea of an authentic British tea shoppe has been appealing more and more. Especially since we moved around the corner from the place! We deliberately avoided the Royal Wedding Breakfast as even the telly showing the wind-down was enough to turn our stomachs, but the churning ended as soon as our cakes arrived. The grapefruit and lavender loaf was more subtle than we expected, and all the better for it, and the “hummingbird” – a pineapple and banana cake with coconut icing – was scrumptious. (For a less-rubbish analysis of their wares, skip over to Foodie.) As for the tea? Well, who cares… but the coffee is good!

Hudsons 1Hudsons 2Hudsons 3Hudsons 5Hudsons 6Hudsons 7Hudsons c

No Fire No Glory (again!)

by Zoë Noble

OK so we just can’t stay away from this place! Not only is their coffee amazing, but the cakes are out of this world…check out this bad boy! *drool*

No Fire No Glory Cake

No Fire, No Glory

by James Glazebrook

Germans seem to offer coffee in two extreme variations: milky as hell and more schwartz than midnight. Thank fuck, then, for No Fire, No Glory in Friedrichshain, a coffee shop that brings Australia’s most important export – the flat white – to Berlin. Try it “Australian style (stronger with less milk than the “German”) along with a giant slice of cheesecake. Recommended by the lovely ladies of London’s Wilton Way Cafe, who envy its superior beans (from local roasters Bonanza) and, naturally, its location. Smug much?




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