What I’m Wearing: Olive’s First Fashion Shoot

by Zoë Noble

Olive needs a little bit more practice modelling perhaps, as she has a tendency to run in the opposite direction, but she nailed her close-up!

Dress: Kenneth Cole | Shoes: Phillip Lim | Necklace: One | Leggings: COS | Sunglasses: I.a.Eyeworks

What I’m Wearing: Park Life

by Zoë Noble

Jacket: Zara | Jumper and Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Beau Coops | Bag: Alexander Wang | Scarf and Armwarmers: COS

What I’m Wearing: Black Fur

by Zoë Noble

So Berlin gets cold in Winter, no big deal right? Wrong. Until you’ve suffered its sub-zero temperatures and Siberian icy winds you haven’t experienced cold like it. Last year we were shamefully unprepared. With more important things to think of like where we were going to live and how we were going to earn money, purchasing some wooly winter warmers wasn’t really on our agenda… we were idiots. We rocked up with our skinny jeans and smiles and then stepped out of the airport to a blizzard of snow and ice that lasted three months. Lesson – painfully – learnt, this year we have a wardrobe that would make an Arctic explorer proud. The skinny jeans will always remain (too tight to get off!) but there will at least be a good few pairs of thermals under them this time.

Cape and Hat: Vintage | Cardigan: COS | Shirt: Just Female | Jeans: Just Female | Shoes: Churches

What I’m Wearing: Winter Walkers

by Zoë Noble

Winter is fast approaching here in Berlin and in the last few months my main priority has been to find a pair of boots that will survive the bloody thing! Last year I ruined two pairs of shoes which just weren’t up to the extreme conditions (-15 anyone?) so I was determined to find a boot that could withstand it all and not look like something my granddad would have worn. Well chaps I think I’ve found them. This pair from Dr. Martens laughs in the face of winter with a sole that is, in their words, “oil and fat-resistant, tough and offers good abrasion and slip resistance”. Yes, yes and oh hell yes! And to combat those winter blues, I’ll be walking through brown slush in petrol-like multi-coloured patent babies that make me smile when I look at them. Come on winter – I’m ready for you!

Boots: Dr. Martens | Coat: COS | Jeans: Just Female | Jumper: Topshop

What I’m Wearing

by Zoë Noble

So you may have noticed that pictures of James and I rarely pop up on überlin. James hates his picture being taken (I dont know why with a mug like his!?) and I guess I love working behind the camera too much to waste time being in front of it. But recently I’ve had a few requests (OK one!) to show more outfit posts, so in a bid to get me out of my usual freelancers outfit of grubby jogging bottoms and toothpaste splattered t-shirts here goes nothing. Work it girlfriend!

Jacket: Zara | T-Shirt: COS | Jeans: Just Female | Boots: COS | Necklace: H&M | Bracelets: Alexander McQueen, Follie Follie | Rings: ASOS

Miss / Bliss

by James Glazebrook

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. We were struggling to think of what we missed about London when we made our first return trip a few weeks ago, but now it’s come flooding back. Friends, family, facilities – all the stuff you take for granted when you live with it every day. But for every thing we pine for, we can think of another that it’s bliss to be free from. Hence these two conflicting lists: to paraphrase James Murphy, London, We Love You But You Were Bringing Us Down.