Doggystyle: Tusia, Maggie and Louie

by Zoë Noble

“Compared to Canada, Berlin’s so dog friendly. I take Maggie and Louie everywhere with me – we go shopping together, and yesterday we went to the Karneval.

The only problem is that I have to carry Maggie [the English Bulldog] up and down the stairs. We used to live on the fifth floor and I’d carry her all the way up. She weighs 24 kilos.

Maggie grew up around kids, and they used to dress her up like a princess and throw her in a wig. She loves kids, but they’re usually scared of her. She’s a big kisser.

Louie [the French Bulldog] is more aggressive, he’s a fighter. He’s a trouble maker – I call him my asshole.”

english bulldog in pram and french bulldog
english bulldog berlin dog french bulldog berlin closeup