Win guestlist spots for the next FluxFriday BLOG PARTY

by James Glazebrook

[EDIT: this competition is now closed. Click here to see if we’re running any open competitions]

We’re DJing nineties and noughties hip hop and RN’B at this Nordic by Nature event – plus we have 2 x 2 guestlist spots to give away!


How can you argue with that flyer? Grumpy Cat, Kells in tears and our blog buddies immortalised as the stars of 90s hip hop and pop! For the record, that’s me as Biggie Smalls and Zo as Missy Elliott, with the rest of our DJ crew rounded out by: Lucy vs. the GlobeNordic by Nature, Ponydanceclyde (together, the Spice Girls) and Mike from Feeling Gloomy Berlin (Lil Wayne).

Back by popular demand, we’re throwing another ghetto fabulous blog party next Friday (20th September) at FluxBau on the Spree. The last edition was super-crowded, so make sure you reserve your place on the dancefloor by buying tickets here. Or scroll past this long-forgotten G Funk standard to find out how to win a pair of guestlist spots:


Get this party started! Leave a comment below and post us a link to your favourite hip hop/RN’B anthem from the 1990s.

If it gets our booties shaking, you win! And we might even play it on the night…

You have until 6pm on Wednesday 18th September to enter. Good luck!

The Boring Bit (yawn, RULES):

1. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
3. Our favourite track wins. Simple as.
4. Remember to include your full (real) name or we won’t be able to put you on the guestlist!
5. We will announced the winners via our Facebook page on Thursday 19th September.

Full event details over on Facebook. Tickets availble at koka36.de.

überlin DJing at Metal Meltdown!

by James Glazebrook

If you’re a fan of metal and/or mental nights out, I have a special date for you to carve into your arm. On Friday 21st June, I will be joining Mike T West from Feeling Gloomy Berlin spinning Satan’s greatest hits in Neukölln k-hole Loophole, at the after party for Wasted Rita’s solo exhibition at idrawalot gallery next door.

Entitled “Human Beings – God’s only mistake”, the Portuguese artist’s Berlin exhibition is inspired by “too many hours spent in a religious college, an adolescence distorted by Black Flag and a massive willpower to take over the world.” Our suitably nihilistic soundtrack of metal, hardcore, punk, thrash, grind, emocetera. kicks off at 11:30pm and ends when our bangovers kick in.

Scroll down for full deets, and to hear a little bit of the horrors that await you. If you have song requests, add them to this collaborative Spotify playlist, and I may even play them, come witching hour. The whole thing I think is sick!

METAL MELTDOWN \m/ Wasted Rita After Party
Loophole: Boddinstrasse 60, Neukölln, 12053 Berlin
Friday 21st June, 11:30pm – ?
Facebook event 

Music Montag: Joy Division

by James Glazebrook

Wow guys, thanks for coming out to BLOG LOVE IS CREW LOVE last Friday. Shit was Off. The. Chain.

This week I’m DJing AGAIN (sorry!), but at a very different kind of party: Feeling Gloomy Berlin,  “the club that brings a tear to your eye.” I’m going to be playing Madchester classics, from New Order to the Happy Mondays, so, to cast you into a suitable Northern gloom, here’s a minimix I made and a Joy Division video someone pieced together from vintage footage of Berlin.

Full event details here – see you on Saturday, dancing with tears in your eyes! ;_(

Joy Division – Shadowplay from Napoleon Bonaparte on Vimeo.

Music Montag: Radio Friendly Unit Shifters

by James Glazebrook

Nick Catchdubs by Ian Meyer

Nick Catchdubs by Ian Meyer

Music Montag bonus beats WHAT? While burning CDs for Feeling Gloomy Berlin’s 2nd Birthday Party this Friday, I discovered that my favourite mixtape is actually a SERIES of mixtapes. Nick Catchdubs and Mr Drucker’s “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” cuts up classic grunge (Nirvana, Temple of the Dog), Tarantino movie samples (“dick dick dick dick dick dick dick”), one-hit wonders (“Detachable Penis”!), live hip hop (Cypress Hill at Woodstock ’94, A Tribe Called Quest at Free Tibet) and that most 90s phenomenon, the hidden track. And the best thing about it? It’s just one of FOUR slacktastic alternarock compilations!

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I’m planning a set just like this (although mixed more poorly) at Feeling Gloomy Berlin’s 2nd Birthday Party at Roter Salon in Volksbühne. Expect 90s grunge, indie, Britpop and assorted miserabilia. If you have any requests, pop them in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do 😉

Oh! You Pretty Things – Win Places on a Berlin Bowie Walk

by James Glazebrook

Did you know that David Bowie once lived in Berlin? And did you know that he also recorded some music while he was here? I learnt these facts, and actual interesting ones too, when I went on Feeling Gloomy Berlin’s Bowie walking tour a couple of months back. It was THIS MUCH FUN:

James from überlin in Bowie facepaint

And now you have a chance to take a walk in the Thin White Duke’s platform boots, as we’re giving away a pair of free places on the Berlin Bowie Walk this Saturday (July 21st, other details here). To win two spots for you and a friend, all you have to do is tell us where you would like to go for a walk with David Bowie, and why you think he would like it. Leave your entry in the comments below, by 6pm Berlin time this Friday (July 20th), when we’ll pick our favourite and let the winner know by email.

For what it’s worth, we think Ziggy Stardust would like to go on a walkabout across the Australian desert, because it resembles the surface of MARS and is full of SPIDERS… :/ You must be able to beat that! But if you need some inspiration, check out Network Awesome, which is screening collections of Bowie’s live performances and stabs at acting. Good luck!!!

Bowie on Network Awesome



Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special

by James Glazebrook

It’s been over a week since Feeling Gloomy ♥ Bowie, so we’ve just about recovered. The London-import indie disco celebrated the ultimate Berlin expat with Bowie tunes aplenty, professional facepainting (I went with the Ziggy Stardust) and the drinking of beers and virgin’s tears*. You can see all of Zoë’s amazing photos in the Feeling Gloomy Berlin Facebook group, but they’re so good that we couldn’t help sharing some here. If you’re sore you missed out, FGB are doing another of their sehr fun Bowie Walking Tours this Saturday- see their Facebook group for deets.

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 1

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 2

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 3

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 4

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 5

Feeling Gloomy Bowie Special 6

*No, not really.

Music Montag: David Bowie / Xu Xu Fang

by James Glazebrook

It’s a big year for Bowie, as Dame David has just turned 65 and celebrated the 35th anniversary of his first classic Berlin album, Low. The city is celebrating its favourite adopted son this week with a film screening, walking tour and club night in his honour. Allow us to join in by posting the video for Xu Xu Fang’s cover of “China Girl”, featuring a few of our favourite things – horses, beards, black and white.

If you feel like toasting the Thin White Duke, you should start with Merkezi Movie Club on Monday, which is screening Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth, starring Bowie as the eponymous alien. Feeling Gloomy will be going through ch-ch-changes all day Saturday, with a Bowie Tour and a Bowie-themed edition of the Feeling Gloomy Clubnacht.

If you’re unlucky enough not to live in Berlin (sadface), or can’t make these awesome events for any other reason, you can at least live vicariously through illustrator Holly Sims’ Bowie-inspired poster series for Feeling Gloomy. Altogether now, “I, I will be king…”

Heroes by Holly Sims