Flohmarkt Find: Sing Blackbird

by James Glazebrook

We’ve been fans of vintage clothing store and café Sing Blackbird ever since Berlin Unlike sent us to review the place. Despite moving into the same area and always getting a warm welcome/German language help from the lovely owners, we haven’t yet made it along to the various film screenings and concerts they throw, and have only just made it down to their (semi) monthly flohmarkt.

Occupying the space in front of the double-fronted store, the fleamarket is small but perfectly-formed, offering a nice little selection of second-hand garments that straddle the line between cool and trying too hard. Admittedly, the tables outside struggle to compete with the carefully-edited collection within Sing Blackbird itself – not to mention the draw of tasty vegan brunch and delicious homemade cakes – but they make for a short-but-sweet Sunday amble. Check out Sing Blackbird on Facebook for updates on upcoming fleamarkets and other events.

Flohmarkt Find: Arkonaplatz

by James Glazebrook

This great post about Mauerpark over on glamcanyon perfectly illustrates everything I’ve started to hate about Berlin’s favourite fleamarket. If I wanted to be surrounded by worthless crap and people making tits out of themselves, I’d have stayed in East London. A couple of weeks ago, we balked at the prospect of another Sunday crushed between the crowds and the Cold War tat, and decided to check out the flohmarkt at nearby Arkonaplatz. We were pleasantly surprised to find both elbow room and stuff that we actually wanted to buy – leather chairs and sofas in excellent condition and a quirky little black-and-brass magazine rack. Sadly we decided the deer hoof coat rack was more hunting lodge than Black Lodge, so we left it behind. Maybe next time…



Überstyle: Arkonaplatz Flea Market

by Zoë Noble


Making Friends at Mauerpark

by Zoë Noble

Last weekend I met the wonderful Gabby from Gypsy*Diaries for a fun day of street style papping at Mauerpark. With our mutual love of photography, fashion and Berlin (of course!), we had way too much in common to leave our friendship just in the bloggersphere, and so took the plunge to meet up in person (a scary notion for us web folk!). After meeting and chatting for hours about everything from camera lenses to jewellery designers (we’re a weird breed I admit it), we made the most of the glorious spring sunshine and went off to snap some beautiful Berliners. Thankfully, unlike most blind dates, the day was a resounding success and we’ve vowed to make it a regular occurrence which I’m really excited about so watch this space!



Photos by Gabby at Gypsy*Diaries


The lovely Gabby herself!

Holy Shit Shopping

by James Glazebrook

While we’ve always found London alt.Xmas markets like the BUST Magazine Craftacular to be pricey, busy and full of tits (Pamflet grrls excepted), Holy Shit Shopping was like a microcosm of Berlin itself. Warmed by glühwein, shoppers found space to browse stalls run by friendly artisans offering (fairly cheap) products that reminded us of what we love about the city: everything from ashtrays to USB sticks clad in cold concrete, monochrome t-shirts and crockery, toilet paper adorned with anti-facist illustrations. Here are our highlights.











See more photos on our Flickr, and find out more about Holy Shit Shopping over here