Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2012

by James Glazebrook

Music Montag Best of Berlin 2012

What have Roxy MusicDepeche Mode and Thom Yorke all got in common? They’re all in our epic “Best of Berlin 2012” playlist, a collection of (most of) the tracks I’ve posted on every Music Montag for a year. But what have they got to do with Berlin? Well, you’re going to have to read the original posts to find out, which you can get to via the epic list of tags at the bottom of this post.

Or you could just listen to the playlist, which features more obviously Berlin acts like Alec Empire, Bodi BillPan-Pot and Modeselektor, plus local expat stars Emika, IAMX and Phia. You’ll notice that some of the more underground artists I covered haven’t yet made it to Spotify (sorry!), but otherwise this is a pretty well-rounded, surprisingly danceable mix, interrupted by the odd short, sharp metallic shock 😉 One for Silvester, maybe? Enjoy…

Music Montag: Four Dollar Wine

by James Glazebrook

We Gave It A Go cover

Anyone who doesn’t associate Berlin with dark Americana must have forgotten that Nick Cave, that purveyor of blackened blues, spent some of his most creative (and corrupted) years in the wild West Berlin of the 80s. Cave is one obvious influence on Berlin/Brooklyn duo Four Dollar Wine, alongside Johnny Cash and Mark Lanegan. Recorded across the two cities by guitarist Thimo Sander and deep-voiced troubadour Scott Solary, the debut album We Gave It A Go is the sound of a man pouring his heart out while nursing a whisky hangover in a smokey bar. And now it also scores a short film, an odyssey through the West in 1940s high fashion. Barkeep, leave the bottle.