Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2014

by James Glazebrook

There’s nothing like a Music Montag end of year playlist to make you realise just how diverse the Berlin music scene is! Bookended by classic Zoë favourites that drive home the dominance of the city’s clubbing industry, elsewhere this year’s Best of Berlin runs the gammut of genres. There’s electro pop, indie, weirdo synth explorations, progressive metal, a healthy chunk of Bowie covers… even a hilarious advertising jingle and a track from a rock opera for kids! Hope you enjoy this pick-and-mix of the most interesting music (mostly) produced in Berlin this year. Boom.

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Music Montag: Oum Shatt

by James Glazebrook

Oum Shatt. Photo by www.joekake.com

Photo by www.joekake.com

Oum Shatt are weird. I mean, just look at them. And that name – is it short for “oh, um, I shat myself”? Not that I’m complaining, because a touch of oddness usually helps when it comes to creating weird and wonderful music. Especially if you’re a German trio experimenting with minimal rock n’ roll sprinkled with Arabic influences.

We like the Berlin band’s own description best: “A bit of Ricky Nelson with a moustache. Or Ian Curtis naked in Cairo, half past three in the morning.” And we love Swiss producer Kalabrese’s remix of “Power To The Women Of The Morning Shift “, which sounds like the kind of idiosyncratic psycho disco that Andy Weatherall would use to kick off a set. Get your ears around this!