Mogg & Melzer

by James Glazebrook


Already something of a Berlin institution, Mogg & Melzer has become a staple of the city’s food scene since opening its doors just two years ago. The small but perfectly formed restaurant, inside the former Jewish girl’s school on Mitte’s Auguststraße, serves up probably the best New York-style deli food to be found in a city which still considers a slice of cheese on Brötchen as a decent sandwich. We’ve chewed our way through most of M&M’s excellent menu over the years, but we always find ourselves alighting on the salt beef (on the rare occasions that it’s not sold out), pastrami on rye, or the Reuben. Served with a side of coleslaw and a crispy pickle, each sandwich comes in small or large – no prizes for guessing which we opt for! – and is literally dripping with meaty goodness. Just like in NYC, arrive early to get a seat and your pick of delicious food, and spend your time savouring every last mouthful of Mogg & Melzer.


Nalu Diner

by James Glazebrook


There are plenty of great places to get American food in Berlin – California Breakfast Slam and Dirty South are just two of them. But nowhere looks as authentically “American diner” as Nalu Diner on Prenzlauer Berg’s hip Dunckerstraße. You can just imagine Agent Cooper sitting at Nalu’s counter and enjoying a slice of pie and a “damn fine cup of coffee”. Sat in our booth, as soon as our generous meals were set down on the table covered in “Presidents of the United States” fact sheets, we knew we’d love the place. Nalu had me at their bursting-at-the-seams Reuben sandwich; by the third free coffee refill, I had promised them my first-born. All this place needs is a lady with a log, and it will be perfect!







by James Glazebrook

yoris berlin mitte chalkboard

One of the best things about having actual day jobs is spending your lunch break exploring different eateries in a whole other part of town. For example, Joris in Mitte, which has filled the jacket potato-shaped hole left by the now-closed lunch legends Bixels. As well as delicious Kartoffeln with hot fillings or sour cream “dip”, this refined rustic lunch spot serves up custom and classic salad combinations to eat in or take away. Welcoming, tasty and affordable, this oasis of omnomnom on the north end of Brunnenstraße – an area not yet known for its great food and drink – should already be on your agenda if you work nearby, and is well worth the trip even if you don’t. Enjoy!

yoris berlin mitte cafe salad
yoris soup salad
yoris salad

yoris berlin mitte cafe
yoris berlin mitte lunch