Win 2 x 2 tickets to Between the Buried and Me!

by James Glazebrook

Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic

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B-bands are smashing it in metal at the moment! We’ve just been raving about Bring Me The Horizon, but Between the Buried and Me may have pipped them for our album of the year so far. Like BMTH, BTBAM are pushing metalcore into new, exciting directions, albeit down the weirder progressive, concept-album path towards full-blown rock opera. Check out the video for “The Coma Machine” to find out what the frig that sounds like in 2015, and scroll down to win a pair of tickets to the band’s upcoming Berlin show!


Do you and a friend want to get your prog on at Musik & Frieden (formerly Magnet) next Tuesday? Just answer this question in the comments below:

What’s your pick for album of the year so far (in any genre)?

You have until 6pm on Friday 25th September. Good luck!

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Don’t Stay True: The Betrayal of Bring Me The Horizon

by James Glazebrook

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
Cause I’ll forget but I’ll never forgive you
Don’t you know, don’t you know?
True friends stab you in the front

Listeners to Bring Me the Horizon’s controversial new album That’s The Spirit could be forgiven for empathising with the emotions expressed by “True Friends”. Knowingly or otherwise, these lyrics – intended by singer Oli Sykes as a typically hardcore response to fake friends’ betrayals – actually anticipated the reaction of many fans, and many more former fans, to the album’s stadium-friendly sound.

It’s funny how things work out
Such a bitter irony
Like a kick right to the teeth
It fell apart right from the start
But I couldn’t even see the forest for the trees
(I’m afraid you asked for this)

The irony is that Bring Me the Horizon were always headed in this direction. With That’s The Spirit, the band have made the large last leap towards becoming the post-metalcore Linkin Park, but they’ve been on this path for a long time.

Right from the start, they were rejected by the metal establishment as being too pretty and well put-together to be anything more than scene posers. Sykes, also the founder of alt brand Drop Dead Clothing, became the poster child for a kind of hardcore that Topshop designers could lift from. But BMTH proved they had substance as well as style, with a brutal deathcore sound and live shows that converted bottle throwers into lifelong fans.

Now those same fans are declaring the death of the Bring Me the Horizon they grew to love. The melody, the hooks, the EDM production, the glimpses of genuine optimism are, for many, too much to bear. And for a scene that rejects “selling out” absolutely, the commercial success that will no doubt follow is perceived as the ultimate betrayal.

You got a lot of nerve but not a lot of spine
You made your bed when you worried about mine
This ends now

Somehow, no one saw this coming. But less short-sighted fans shouldn’t be too shocked, as That’s The Spirit only marks the latest end point of the band’s evolution. Their breakthrough album, 2008’s Suicide Season, saw them polishing their sound, embracing a more accessible metalcore aesthetic, and augmenting it with electronic flourishes. The re-released Cut Up edition even included a disc of remixes from producers like Toxic Avenger, Utah Saints and a then-unknown Skrillex.

For 2013’s Sempiternal, Bring Me the Horizon replaced their rhythm guitarist with a keyboardist, and pushed the electronics front and centre. From opener “Can You Feel My Heart” through to the haunting “Deathbeds”, performed for growing crowds at venues like Wembley Stadium, it’s hard not to hear That’s The Spirit coming. If this ends now, it started a long time ago.

It’s kind of sad cause what we had
Well it could have been something
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
So how dare you try and steal my flame
Just cause yours faded
Well hate is gasoline
A fire fuelling all my dreams
(I’m afraid you asked for this)

The originators of metal were no purists; they used whatever instruments were at hand to create their unholy sound. Listen to Hawkwind, likely responsible for the very name of “heavy metal”, and you’ll hear Lemmy’s growl and distorted guitars swimming in a cosmic bath of trippy analogue electronics.

But then disco came, and the rockers’ reaction to it, which pushed everyone into one of two camps, forcing them into a digital zero-one either-or choice between guitars and drum machines. Even fans of freaks like Faith No More, art punks with a gay keyboard player somehow mistaken for a metal band, kicked back when the group’s experiments reached full fruition. That’s why fans of The Real Thing hated Angel Dust; and that’s why people who tolerated Sempiternal can’t forgive That’s the Spirit.

The good news for those people is that Sempiternal still exists; for the die-hards, Count Your Blessings is still available to listen to. As for the new album, a band making what can be seen as a wrong turn can’t be blamed for daring to find out what was waiting down that fork in the road.

Bring Me the Horizon barely listen to metal any more, and they’ve admitted to respecting bands like Linkin Park, who fill stadiums with big, bold, and sometimes heavy, sounds. True artists make the art they want to see or hear, and brave bands will risk existing fans over the chance to realise their vision, and present it to people who truly appreciate it.

Oli Sykes has come out of struggles like a Ketamine addiction with an appreciation of life in all its shades of grey, all its complicated beauty and bitter irony. And he wants to make music that reflects that. He’s not even 30 and he’s through fucking about. He hasn’t said as much, but you can sense that he’s not going to lose any sleep over so-called fans who are willing to walk away over the expansion of his ambition. For a band that always wanted to be more than metalcore, that’s the real betrayal.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
You broke my heart and there’s nothing you can do
And now you know, now you know
True friends stab you in the front

Bring Me The Horizon Drowned video shoot

Bring Me The Horizon play Huxleys Neue Welt on 10th November 2015 (tickets).

Win a pair of tickets to The Dillinger Escape Plan \m/

by James Glazebrook

@benweinman on instagram

@benweinman on instagram

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WTF. The Dillinger Escape Plan have to be the maddest band on the planet. Have a look at their craziest moments, and scroll down to find how to win 2 tickets to see them test Postbahnhof’s fire codes next Sunday, August 16th.


Want to headwalk your way to Postbahnof next Sunday? Just answer this question in the comments below:

What’s the craziest concert you’ve ever been to?

You have until 6pm on Friday 7th August. Good luck!

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Music Montag: HEADS. release their self-titled debut

by James Glazebrook

HEADS. vinyl

Jizzworthy vinyl alert! So I’m currently “between turntables”, but when my kit is all set up again, this is going to be the first thing to grace it – the debut by Berlin-based post-90s alt metallers HEADS. Lead track “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words”, has already squished our skulls under its size 12 Doc Martens, and the rest of the disc keeps the pressure up, with such grim-faced noise explorations as “Chewing Up Kittens”, “Skrew” and “Black River”.

Recorded live by Jonathon Nido, a former member of The Ocean, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna), HEADS. reaches deep into an abyss of post-hardcore and noise rock influences, and excavates something else entirely: dense, driving, stripped back, and utterly unique. And it’s available on sick black and white wax! Go to headsnoise.com to pick up the album, and find out where you can see the German-Australian heavyweights live.

Win 2 tickets to Torche at Bi Nuu!

by Guest Blogger

by Mike T West.

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Sweet Männertag/Vatertag/Christi Himmelfahrt we’ve got another long German weekend coming up. That’s why we’re especially pumped to be giving away two pairs of tickets to see the crushing crushdom of sludge-stoner crushers – Torche!


Formed ten years ago in Miami, Florida, Torche have just released their fourth doom-pop opus, Restarter. The album finds them laying down some of their heaviest material to date and continuing to refine the band’s defiant metal-non-metal attitude.


We are teaming up with Landstreicher Konzerte and giving away two pairs of tickets for Torche’s show at Bi Nuu next Saturday. Just leave us a comment below with the answer to this question:

If you could invent a German public holiday to replace Männertag, what would it be called?

You have until midnight on Tuesday 12th May to enter. GOOD LUCK!

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Music Montag: Faith No More and Rage Against the Machine

by James Glazebrook

Recently, I’ve been moaning about the dearth of good, specialised (non-electronic) festivals in Berlin. But while the first Lollapalooza Berlin is failing to live up to the event’s legacy (hear me rant about it on Radio überlin), back in the 90s the city hosted a one-dayer with a lineup to rival Perry Farrell’s finest. Information about the apparently one-off event called Berlin Rocks Festival 1993 is scarce, but the billing speaks for itself: Iggy Pop, Anthrax, Living Colour, Suicidal Tendencies, Monster Magnet and these guys…

Rage Against the Machine, with a short, high-impact flashbang of a set that includes an early version of “People of the Sun”:

And the mighty Faith No More, on top of their game and led by an especially intense Mike Patton:

Faith No More play Zitadelle Spandau in June, and for some reason there are still tickets left. Pick up yours here.

Metalcore Montag: Employed To Serve and Renounced

by James Glazebrook

By Mike T West.

In case you didn’t get the memo, January hates you. You’re getting no money, no gigs and definitely no sunlight. It makes you want to punch Berlin in the face, which is never good. Fortunately we have the cure for your post-Silvester blues: Motherpukin’ Metal.

The lovely people at Demons Galore have decided to give the worst month of the year a big roundhouse kick to the face, with a killer four band line-up at Mitte’s Marie-Antoinette, all for the price of a half Hähnchen mit Pommes at City Chicken.


Currently on a winter tour of Europe, two of the United Kingdom’s best new bands are gracing Berlin with their mosh-inducing presence.


Renounced are the best thing to come out of Berkshire since the Cooper Temple Clause (ask your Dad – or James) and have recently released one of the strongest metalcore albums since Artpop.

Meanwhile, Employed to Serve have just finished recording their debut record which they will be previewing tracks from this coming Thursday.


Both bands are currently on the rise with Renounced going on to play the legendary Ieperfest in Brussels with the mighty Crowbar next month, and ETS hot off supporting Pennsylvania doomcore titans Code Orange (who just so happened to release the best metal of last year… FYI). Catch them before they sell out, break up and charge 110€ for tickets to the ten year anniversary tour.

Joining them are two new Berlin based bands – post-hardcore punkers Sleep Routine, who are kicking off their first ever German tour this weekend, and the “not-so-bad-hardcore” mobsters Seek Nothing, playing their very first show!

Four bands under one bridge for 6 EFFIN’ German dollars?! Blimey.

The mosh begins 8pm this Thursday January 22nd, at  Marie-Antoinette, Holzmarktstrasse 15-18 – which according to Google Maps is located behind an art installation about the effects of police brutality


Only kidding. See you in the pit!