Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2014

by James Glazebrook

There’s nothing like a Music Montag end of year playlist to make you realise just how diverse the Berlin music scene is! Bookended by classic Zo√ę favourites that drive home the dominance of the city’s clubbing industry, elsewhere this year’s Best of Berlin runs the gammut of genres. There’s electro pop, indie, weirdo synth explorations, progressive metal, a healthy chunk of Bowie covers… even a hilarious advertising jingle and a track from a rock opera for kids! Hope you enjoy this pick-and-mix of the most interesting music (mostly) produced in Berlin this year. Boom.

Want to walk your ears down memory lane? Check out the Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2013 and the best of 2012.

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Music Montag: Bowie in Berlin

by James Glazebrook

Ahead of the David Bowie retrospective soon to open at Martin-Gropius-Bau, a clutch of our favourite Berlin acts have covered some of the Thin White Duke’s best songs. Leading the pack is bass maven¬†Emika‘s otherworldly exploration of “Let’s Dance”, replete with gender-bending pitched-down vocals (eat your heart out, planningtorock!). The eternally cute coupling of¬†Phia¬†and her boyfriend¬†Josh the Cat AKA¬†Mez Medallion¬†have recorded the oft-overlooked “As The World Falls Down” from childhood classic¬†Labyrinth¬†for Rolling Stone Germany, while Kool Thing went with one of my favourites, the epic title track from “Station to Station” (also available on¬†a¬†special CD compilation available with the May edition of the magazine). Dance magic dance!

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Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2013

by James Glazebrook

What have¬†Enya,¬†Fleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak, Rihanna, M.I.A,¬†Destiny’s Child and¬†Kendrick Lamar¬†got in common? Nope, they haven’t formed a Gayngs-style supergroup (we wish!)‚Ķ but all of them have had tracks covered or remixed by √ľberlin’s Music Montag picks for 2013. Here’s two hours of our favourite music made in and about Berlin this year, from electro to acoustic, from heavy heavy metal to fat dirty bass. Enjoy :)

Feeling nostalgic? Listen to the Best of Berlin 2012 here.

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Music Montag: Mez Medallion

by James Glazebrook

Mez Medallion - Double Cat by Amelie Scalercio

Mez Medallion – Double Cat by Amelie Scalercio

It’s a bit outrageous that we haven’t featured Mez Medallion before. He’s well within our little expat bubble, as an Australian in Berlin and the boyfriend of √ľberlin favourite Phia – with whom he shares songwriting brilliance, onstage charm, mastery over any number of instruments and a penchant for loop pedals. Of course, double M is his own man, especially when it comes to crafting the crisp beats that underscore his earnest electropop, and shredding on guitar.

Let’s get you up to speed. Here’s Mez’s autumn-appropriate video for “Move Towards the Light”…

…and the na√Įve white-boy funk of “I’ll Remember You” (live at Nicolassee on Fritz Unsigned):

If you’re digging this, you can preview and pick up Mez Medallion’s new EP Live in Berlin here, or catch him actual-live supporting Phia on her first headline tour of Germany – full details, including a Berlin date at the English Theatre, here. You shan’t regret it!

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The Weekend in Berlin, October 25th – 28th

by James Glazebrook

Dark nights, handmade days.


A Night and The City at Prince Charles
I don’t know what it is, but Prince Charles doesn’t feel very Berlin. Maybe it’s the high poser quotient, or the carefully contrived design touches, or maybe I’m just acutely aware of all that because it’s so bastard bright. Well, Night and the City have come up with a solution to that: make the club pitch black. They’re erecting walls around the dancefloor to completely cut out all light, in order to see “what impact the situation has on your music experience.” Click through on the image below to find out the full event details, more importantly, how the team plan to stop it becoming a Berghain-style dark room.



Horror Night at Filmpark Babelsburg
We freaking love Halloween! And there looks to be no better way to spend it than at Filmpark Babelsburg’s Horrorn√§chte. Take a trip outside of the Ringbahn (scary enough, right?) to be pursued by monsters, mutants and zombies through haunted houses and creepy mazes. Get a combo ticket and you can go back on Saturday for a “Monster Party” in the Prince Valiant restaurant. According to a sketchy Google Translate, it promises to be “memorable, flashy and trashy!” Click through below… if you dare MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAAaaaaaa

Horror Night at Filmpark Babelsburg


Handmade in Germany 2012 opens at Direktorenhaus
That the Germans are great at building/making stuff won’t surprise anyone who’s read What I Know About Germans, but it’s always nice to see the products of their labour. Direktorenhaus is opening its doors to 30 master craftsmen, innovative manufacturers and experimental designers, for what should be a very special exhibition indeed. If you’re waaay richer than us, it might be a good place to get Christmas gift ideas! Click through on the REAL MAN below to find out more.

Handmade Germany

Mez Medallion Cassette Release Party at Loophole
If you want to know where the Australians will be on Saturday night, look no further. Melbourne’s Mez Medallion is debuting his album Move Towards the Light, with a little help from his talented (and capitalised) countrymen/women TUSK and PHIA. Oh, and you’d better dust off that ghetto blaster you bought at Mauerpark, because the album’s being released on limited edition cassette tape. Event details here and pretty video here:

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