We love Loxx, and The Guardian loves us!

by James Glazebrook

Loxx on The Guardian

I know we post about Loxx a lot, but this is special: English newspaper The Guardian has published our photos of the miniature railway version of Berlin, and the article is currently on their front page! Click here to see if you can find the suitably teeny homepage photo, or here to see the full article – now with specially-penned captions. Big things are happening for our favourite Little Big Berlin!

Loxx 2: The Sequel

by James Glazebrook

Loxx 2

Our favourite thing to do in Berlin just got favouriter! The nerds behind Loxx Miniature Railway are forever adding new bits to their tiny version of Berlin, but this time they’ve surpassed themselves. They’ve added a mini Bundestag with a stage in front, from which some of the most iconic speeches in Berlin’s history are delivered. Press a button and up pops JFK to declare “Ich bin ein Berliner”, or Reagan to roar, “Tear down this wall!” The coolest touch is a set of working miniature cameras, which transmit the scene to a screen just over the “road”. If this awesome detail isn’t enough for you, check out the photos from our first visit to Loxx Miniature Railway.

Loxx 1

Loxx Miniature Railway

by James Glazebrook

Little big world! This miniature railway version of Berlin, found on the top floor of the otherwise unremarkable Alexa mall, is perhaps the best thing we’ve seen since we moved here. Everyone bangs on about the world’s biggest mini railway in Hamburg, but we doubt that it’s been constructed with the same attention to detail and sense of humour as Loxx. The world´s “largest model railway with digital PHS-control in the scale of 1:87 (H0)” – whatever that means – features everything inside the Ringbahn and then some, including vehicles that wait at the functional traffic lights, nekkid sunbathers, a drunk Santa and a Tina Turner concert. There’s even a “working” airport with planes that take off and land, and a climate-control system that brings night, day and typisch Berlin rain showers. Check out all the cool stuff we spotted below, and get down to Loxx the first chance you get!