Music Montag: Marteria, Yasha and Miss Platnum

by James Glazebrook

Kreuzberg am Meer

We’re a little late to this party, and no doubt to old to be here anyway, but we’ve decided that this is *the* sound of Berlin summer. Lila Wolken (Purple Clouds) is a collaboration between Yasha, Miss Platnum – who sang on Modeselektor’s “Berlin” anthem – and MC Marteria, an EP that hit number one in the German charts, and spawned a sun-soaked video and the summer banger “Kreuzberg am Meer.” Bask in it! ☀

Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2012

by James Glazebrook

Music Montag Best of Berlin 2012

What have Roxy MusicDepeche Mode and Thom Yorke all got in common? They’re all in our epic “Best of Berlin 2012” playlist, a collection of (most of) the tracks I’ve posted on every Music Montag for a year. But what have they got to do with Berlin? Well, you’re going to have to read the original posts to find out, which you can get to via the epic list of tags at the bottom of this post.

Or you could just listen to the playlist, which features more obviously Berlin acts like Alec Empire, Bodi BillPan-Pot and Modeselektor, plus local expat stars Emika, IAMX and Phia. You’ll notice that some of the more underground artists I covered haven’t yet made it to Spotify (sorry!), but otherwise this is a pretty well-rounded, surprisingly danceable mix, interrupted by the odd short, sharp metallic shock 😉 One for Silvester, maybe? Enjoy…

Music Montag: Modeselektor feat. Miss Platnum

by James Glazebrook


We’re always on the lookout for the best Berlin song, and local boys Modeselektor may have released their hometown’s ultimate anthem. “Berlin”, a Miss Platnum collabo from last year’s Monkeytown album, has been given a new lease of life thanks to this awesome animated video from one of the band’s biggest fans. This clip full of Berlin icons (the TV Tower, kebabs, ravers) started when graphic designer François Chalet contacted Modeselektor with the crazy dream of persuading them to perform at his wedding. We’ll let him tell the rest…

We want to get married, and we want Modeselektor to play there … They’ll NEVER come and play at a wedding … And we wouldn’t be able to afford them … Weeks later I emailed Monkeytown Records in order to prove to Meike, my future wife, that this idea will always stay an idea … One day later at the phone – Monkeytown: “You contacted us at the perfect moment – we urgently need a good video because someone flaked on us!” One Skype conversation with Modeselektor … 3 weeks of hard work and little sleep … cardboard everywhere … lots of computer crashes and … Modeselektor will play at our wedding – hurray!

Monkeytown by Modeselektor is out now on Monkeytown Records.