Photo of the Day – April 16, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Photo of the Day TV Tower and Tram in Berlin

Photo of the Day – March 25, 2015

by Zoë Noble

rosenthaler platz tram line in Berlin

Mogg & Melzer

by James Glazebrook


Already something of a Berlin institution, Mogg & Melzer has become a staple of the city’s food scene since opening its doors just two years ago. The small but perfectly formed restaurant, inside the former Jewish girl’s school on Mitte’s Auguststraße, serves up probably the best New York-style deli food to be found in a city which still considers a slice of cheese on Brötchen as a decent sandwich. We’ve chewed our way through most of M&M’s excellent menu over the years, but we always find ourselves alighting on the salt beef (on the rare occasions that it’s not sold out), pastrami on rye, or the Reuben. Served with a side of coleslaw and a crispy pickle, each sandwich comes in small or large – no prizes for guessing which we opt for! – and is literally dripping with meaty goodness. Just like in NYC, arrive early to get a seat and your pick of delicious food, and spend your time savouring every last mouthful of Mogg & Melzer.


Tommi’s Burger Joint

by James Glazebrook

Tommy's Burger Joint Dining

I’ve finally learned my lesson: no more proclaiming that I’ve found the best burger in Berlin! Every time I think I’ve found the perfect patty, along comes another that kicks its buns! Which brings me to this week’s favourite bap-house: Tommi’s Burger Joint. The most easterly outpost of the Icelandic chain that’s kicked McDonalds out of its home country is situated on Invalidenstrasse, just a quick drunken amble from Weinbergsweg, Mitte’s best summer hangout spot. Like all of the Icelandic joints, and the one in London, it’s staffed by a family member of the eponymous Tommi – in Berlin, that would be the guy with the epic peroxide-blonde beard! What he’s cooking up is the finest Black Angus beef from a bio farm in Scotland, just one of the discoveries of the farmer Tommi when we travelled the world for a year as research. We think this was time well spent, as you can taste the passion in every perfectly grilled mouthful, in every gulp of delicious milkshake. Yet another awesome Berlin burger joint to check out – watch your waistlines people!

Tommy's Burger Joint Burger and Milkshake

Tommy's Burger Joint Creator

Tommy's Burger Joint Wall of notes