Brewberlin: The Big Berlin Beer Week Roundup

by Guest Blogger

By Hannah Graves.

Craft beer is officially A Thing. It’s not going anywhere, so it might be time to embrace it. The people behind Berlin Beer Week insist that they aren’t hipsters intent on ruining booze for everyone, but instead want people to try something other than watery yellow piss beer – maybe something with actual flavour.

They want us to appreciate beer in Berlin, the same way we’ve come to appreciate burgers. Who eats at McDonald’s when they know they can go to The Bird? There are some seriously strong Berlin breweries and bars that do what they do exceptionally well. So, whether you’re a seasoned beer geek or someone just venturing into the world of craft beers, this week should be a good one.

The Berlin Beer Week website has a full run down of this “celebration of beer culture”, starting tomorrow! And here’s my pick of the eventsI’ll be attending over the week. Prost!

The Opening Party

I’ve been behind the scenes at a brewery before, so will be taking the chance to snoop around Brauerei Lemke, where 10 Berlin brewers will be pouring their beers. This isn’t one of the free events but the very reasonable ticket price does get you the Berlin Beer Week glass and two small beers. Beer bonus!

Das Gift

It’s possible that you MIGHT be a wee bit tipsy after that opening party, and while there will be food trucks at the Brauerei, I’d recommend getting to Das Gift. This Neukölln favourite is going to be serving up its famously good Scottish food next to Scottish ales. Some dishes have been paired with matching beers, and I’ll be having the haggis!

Das Gift Scottish Food

John Muir

Sunday has long been my favourite day of the Berlin week, and I am more than happy to spend it eating barbeque. The bar with the speakeasy vibes is teaming up with Spice Spice Baby and the Berlin beer team on a bike, Flying Turtle, for some seriously summery vibes.

Monterey Bar

I’m going to be drunkenly throwing the horns after trying the Slayer beer at Monterey, where they will be celebrating creative design and rock music in beer culture. Three local artists from Berlin’s street art scene will be creating original mockup labels live, accompanied by a rock and metal DJ set.

Monterey Bar Berlin

Das Gift (AGAIN!)

This one was an easy decision to make. Cake. Beer. Beer cake. “A sculpture of cupcakes all made with craft ales as ingredients”. SOLD.

The Closing Party

Apparently, Stone Brewing are a big deal, the people behind beers with names like “Arrogant Bastard”. Being cool, they want to have their bit of Berlin too, so this event will be held at the site of their future new brewery and restaurant. There is a mind-blowing list of beers on offer, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, food and music. Also, 100% of proceeds from the event will go to a local charity organisation, so you’ll be drinking beer for a good cause.

Good luck making it through seven days dedicated to beer. I’m going to give it my best shot 😉 There’s SO MUCH going on, and for those who aren’t allergic to physical activity, there is even climbing with craft beer (?), and walking tours and bike rides. Even if you just try a craft beer at some point this week, Berlin Beer Week will have been a big success.

überlin’s Mega Metal Bar Crawl

by James Glazebrook

20140801-211429-uRaise your glasses! Raise your horns! And join us and our ragged horde as we drag our shuffling corpses through the fetid streets of Berlin, in search of liquid nourishment and heavy, HEAVY music. If you’re brave enough to follow in our footsteps and recreate the überlin Mega Metal Bar Crawl, here’s where your journey begins…


Paules Metal Eck
Krossener Straße 15, Berlin 10245 (map)
We started off by returning to the first Berlin metal bar I ever dragged Zöe – and my poor sister and brother-in-law – to. And sure enough, three years later and Paules Metal Eck hasn’t changed a bit. The doomy interior is still charmingly decorated with dragon heads, carbonised figures writhing in agony and a mummified corpse suspended over the pool table. And there’s still Newky Broon on tap! We gathered outside to drink beers in the dying light of the day, and steel our resolve for an evening of down-tuned guitars and questionable drink choices.





Mainzer Straße 15, Berlin 10247 (map)
When our friend Heather first complained to us about the bar she lives above – the one with the statue of Rob Halford on a motorbike outside, that plays dodgy thrash all night (turned up to 11) – we just had to add it to our bar crawl. The Metal God has now had his legs lopped off and been dragged inside, where he stands opposite the stud-lined bar, behind which another Halford doppelgänger mixes up wildly-experimental cocktails loosely fashioned after some of the heaviest bands of all time. Two of us struggled to keep down a Slayer – a heady blend of Baileys, blue Curaçao, banana nectar and sambuca – while Zoë wisely opted for the relatively light Sepultura – imagine a mojito with tequila and strawberry juice (and try not to gag). Mexikaners sunk, palates cleansed (ish), and we were off to the next bar!






Brutz & Brakel
Proskauer Straße 13, Berlin 10247 (map)
Did you ever have a cool uncle who spent all his wages decking out his bachelor pad with massive TVs, dart boards, and shelves full of all the weird music he introduced you to? Well, Brutz & Brakel is like his living room, if he’d had the space and money to install a full bar. It’s also the de facto fan base HQ of local death metal band Postmortem and the basecamp for Stromgitarrenfest, Berlin’s most brutal music festival. Needless to say, they aren’t used to gangs of expat hipsters rolling in and ordering shots that basically consist of liquified, alcoholic cheesecake. Not for the faint of heart. \m/




Monterey Bar
Danziger Straße 61, Berlin 10435 (map)
A short tram ride and we find ourselves in the heart of craft beer and stoner/doom/all-kinds-of-awesome metal, Monterey. After more Mexikaners (the best we’ve ever had), a few bottles of Mikkeller, and a failed attempt to focus on the free play arcade game, we settled in for some end-of-the-night shit talking. A big shout out to the ever hospitable Adie who kept us lubricated with his finest ales and let us bother the clientele with hours of Tool and the Deftones. Oh, and our mate Lozzy, who’s going to live painting a mural on the walls later this month. There will be skulls!



Thanks to everyone who came along on the crawl, especially our Gruppenleiter, Mike from Demons Galore, who organised the whole thing. Truly a master of muppets!