Metal Montag: Helmet

by James Glazebrook

By Mike T. West.

The months are getting darker and our beards are getting longer, which can only mean one thing – metal is coming.

To kick off a great few months of concerts, tonight we are celebrating the twentieth birthday of Helmet‘s seminal third album. Produced in New York in 1994, Betty is considered a definitive post-metal record and features our drumming man crush John “The Fit” Stanier.

Helmet will be playing the entire album and more alternative hits at the also super old and legendary SO36, tonight from 9pm.

Ohhhhhh Betty!


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Music Montag: Coal & Crayon

by James Glazebrook

We’re on our way to Rügen for a short break, so how about some driving music? Here is the island’s own answer to The Ocean, prog rockers Coal & Crayon. They’re playing in Bergen auf Rügen just after we leave, but we hope to catch them live soon:

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Music Montag: DNA BLN

by James Glazebrook

Glitter Wasteland

DNA BLN is kicking off Berlin Music Week with an epic night of live music from hot new artists, plus DJs, food trucks, visual art and more! The teenage metal fan in us is looking forward to Yorkshire metalcore troupe Backstab Burial (Huddersfield, raise your horns!), while our more sophisticated side will be nodding our heads to the cross-genre electronic soul of Switzerland’s Glitter Wasteland (pictured above).

But the real big news for fans of mid-2000s English indie (like us!) is the return of members of The Cooper Temple Clause and north eastern math rockers Yourcodenameis:milo with Losers, injecting a lethal concoction of prog and emo into post-Soulwax electro rock. Rounding out this first showcase are Janice Prix (below), Those Goddamn Hippies and We Love Machines, plus DJs like Losers’ own Eddy Temple-Morris (XFM). Scroll down for a taste of things to come, and for full event details.

Janice Prix

DNA BLN Launch Party [Facebook event]
Wednesday 3rd September, 9pm
Magnet Club, Falckensteinstr. 48, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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Music Montag: dioramic

by James Glazebrook

When it comes to progressive rock, Berlin label Pelagic Records absolutely kill it. The home of The Ocean, managed by band leader Robin Staps, also excel at creating beautiful, collectible editions of their roster’s music, as evidenced by “Supra” – the upcoming third album from dioramic. Have to a drool over the sexy vinyl version (below), pre-order it here, or just wait for the band to play Berlin around its launch date (12th September). Help yourself to some epicity!


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Music Montag: Dream Koala

by James Glazebrook

10 reasons to love Dream Koala

1. That name. Dream Koala.

2. This self-penned biography:

Laptop genius since 94′ / Vegan post j-pop

3. This face. LOOK AT IT:


4. This remix of Chino Moreno’s †††, proof positive that Dream Koala digs everything Deftones:

5. He REALLY likes the Deftones:


6. He’s also remixed BANKS, breathing thick sativa smoke and nervy energy into the American ingénue’s “Change”:

7. His own music, which warrants its own genre classification. May we suggest: stargaze.

8. This appropriately astral image, in which Koala seems to be channeling the spirit of Goldie’s Metalheadz:

9. He’s just moved from Paris to Berlin, reassuring us all that we do indeed live in continental Europe’s coolest city.

10. He reminds you of the fact that this city is full of talented creatives trying to carve out their own creative space. On that note, can anyone hook him up with an apartment?

Untitled 2

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Music Montag: Milwalkie’s new video for “Black Alexander”

by James Glazebrook

Our favourite Berlin-based Scottish brothers are back! Milwalkie have just released the video for the lead track from their new album, which follows the boys on a sun-drenched trip through Berlin – along S-Bahn tracks, across overgrown, junk-strewn wasteland and into graffiti-covered abandoned buildings. This is sure to delight fans of this great city, ginger-tinged beards and jangly indie pop alike. Enjoy ”Black Alexander” and stay tuned to Milwalkie’s Facebook page to find out where to pick up Adjustments, released next week.

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Music Montag: Black Flag

by James Glazebrook

Hardcore heroes Black Flag at the height of their powers, live at SO36 in 1983. Intense.

Read our interview with bandleader Henry Rollins here.

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Music Montag: Highflesh

by James Glazebrook

We’ve already featured Highflesh head honcho SPIELKAMERAD on überlin, but now the Berlin re-pat* needs our help! He and his missus Lu have submitted an entry into DJ Mag’s Next Generation competition, with a mix that’s working its way up  the Mixcloud Nu-Disco chart.

All you have to do to support the Hackney-born, Berlin-bred DJ team to go through to the next round and possibly win the coveted support of DJ Mag, is listen to this mix. Actually all you need to do is click “play” (as many times as you like!), but we totally recommend you stick around for the full hour, which features bangers from progressive pioneer Humate, the peerless David Shaw and The Beat, and an epic, euphoric collaboration between Miss Kittin and Dubfire. We give you: Berliner Nights.

* Someone who moved from Berlin to somewhere else – in this case, London – and back again. Obviously.

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Music Montag: Drachenhaus

by James Glazebrook

If you ever needed any more reassurance about the sheer majick majesty of a band called Drachenhaus, this Berlin-based duo cite John Carpenter, Dario Argento and David Lynch as influences. If the Devil has all the best tunes, then he definitely has these Aussie esoterics saved to his SoundCloud favourites, and he’s digging on their rolling analogue synth lines, moaned male/female vocals, elliptical lyrics and general black mass vibes. Enter the Drachenhaus…

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Music Montag: Paris Suit Yourself (Sophie Remix)

by James Glazebrook


This one’s been pumping out of our UE BOOM for weeks now! We can’t tell if Music Montag two-timers Paris Suit Yourself and the elusive Sophie are trolling with this track, but as sounds of Sommar go, it’s going to be hard to beat. Glowsticks in the air!

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