Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2013

by James Glazebrook

What have EnyaFleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak, Rihanna, M.I.A, Destiny’s Child and Kendrick Lamar got in common? Nope, they haven’t formed a Gayngs-style supergroup (we wish!)… but all of them have had tracks covered or remixed by überlin’s Music Montag picks for 2013. Here’s two hours of our favourite music made in and about Berlin this year, from electro to acoustic, from heavy heavy metal to fat dirty bass. Enjoy 🙂

Feeling nostalgic? Listen to the Best of Berlin 2012 here.

Music Montag: Our Lonely Kicks

by James Glazebrook

Our Lonely Kicks

Stunning. Inspired by a summer spent in Berlin, playing at Watergate and recording with Villalobos collaborator Jorge González, “Rain” is a deep electronic slow jam with traces of MDMA coursing through its veins. Australian trio Our Lonely Kicks draw from inspirations like Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Sepalcure, Active Child, How to Dress Well and Thom Yorke, and add their personal voice which makes “Rain” an intimate introduction to the project.

Our Lonely Kicks – Rain from Our Lonely Kicks on Vimeo.