Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2014

by James Glazebrook

There’s nothing like a Music Montag end of year playlist to make you realise just how diverse the Berlin music scene is! Bookended by classic Zoë favourites that drive home the dominance of the city’s clubbing industry, elsewhere this year’s Best of Berlin runs the gammut of genres. There’s electro pop, indie, weirdo synth explorations, progressive metal, a healthy chunk of Bowie covers… even a hilarious advertising jingle and a track from a rock opera for kids! Hope you enjoy this pick-and-mix of the most interesting music (mostly) produced in Berlin this year. Boom.

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Music Montag: Paris Suit Yourself (Sophie Remix)

by James Glazebrook


This one’s been pumping out of our UE BOOM for weeks now! We can’t tell if Music Montag two-timers Paris Suit Yourself and the elusive Sophie are trolling with this track, but as sounds of Sommar go, it’s going to be hard to beat. Glowsticks in the air!

Music Montag: Best of Berlin 2013

by James Glazebrook

What have EnyaFleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak, Rihanna, M.I.A, Destiny’s Child and Kendrick Lamar got in common? Nope, they haven’t formed a Gayngs-style supergroup (we wish!)… but all of them have had tracks covered or remixed by überlin’s Music Montag picks for 2013. Here’s two hours of our favourite music made in and about Berlin this year, from electro to acoustic, from heavy heavy metal to fat dirty bass. Enjoy 🙂

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Music Montag: Paris Suit Yourself

by James Glazebrook

"Paris Suit Yourself" by justpearly under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic

“Paris Suit Yourself” by justpearly under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic

Some people have the best holidays! Back in August 2011, the people from Wilcox Sessions spent part of their Berlin vacation recording a live set from one half of Paris Suit Yourself at the Michelberger Hotel. This neat little split-screen shows a performance from the local contingent of the French-US collective next to footage of the U-Bahn journey to the venue. The track itself is awesome, although it barely hints at the unhinged bastardisation of jazz and rock of their debut album, “My Main Shitstain”. The only rock band ever to sign to Ninja Tune’s Big Dada imprint (home of Roots Manuva and Spank Rock), Paris Suit Yourself are well worth a listen – stay tuned to their Facebook Page for updates.