Palais de Tokyo

by Zoë Noble

One of the best things I saw on my recent trip to Paris was definitely the Cold Sun season at the Palais de Tokyo gallery. Featuring a huge array of works inspired by avant-garde poet Raymond Roussel, covering the 1950s to today and spread over 2,000 square metres. My favourite exhibition had to be the work of Julio Le Parc, whose studies of light and movement were simply breath taking. The piece de resistance (had to get some French in there!) was a huge red sphere suspended from the ceiling, casting the most beautiful reflections all over the walls and floor. Cold Sun ends today, but no matter who is exhibiting, the Palais de Tokyo is a Paris must-see.

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Postcards from Paris

by Zoë Noble

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to get out of frozen Berlin and visit err, a frozen Paris! Who’d have guessed that in March, Paris would be hit by a blizzard, but looks like the whole of Europe is in a weather funk at the moment. After a couple of cancelled flights and a shut down airport (man up Paris), I made it to the City of Light. Getting there was kind of a big deal as I was shooting a piece for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (career highlight!) so, once I actually landed, I celebrated by eating some macaroons which cost more than a month’s rent in Berlin.

The trip was made even more awesome by my sister flying over from the UK, so once the work was fini, the fun could begin! We couldn’t stop saying, “we’re in Pariiiiiissss!” and doing a little girly dance like nobhead Carrie Bradshaw when she sees the Eiffel Tower for the first time. Our highlights were wandering around Canal St-Martin, drinking the best tea I’ve ever tasted at Galleries Lafayette, seeing the Tour Eiffel’s stroke-inducing light show at night, and visiting Palais de Tokyo to see the amazing “Soleil Froid” exhibition (separate post to follow!). Here are some holiday snaps:

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Überstyle: Paris

by Zoë Noble

More photos from my recent Paris trip to follow! See more streetstyle on Zoë Noble Photography.

Paris Fashion Week: The Men

by Zoë Noble

Pictures from Paris

by Zoë Noble

Last week I went to Paris for a work trip and managed to squeeze in some sightseeing before my flight back. James and I visited Paris over seven years ago so my memories were a little hazy, but as soon as the taxi drove past the Arc de Triomphe it all came flooding back. The buildings, the beauty… ah memories! Here’s a few pics I took along the way.